Monday, October 27, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014

this week francis was BAPTIZED. it was such a beautiful eperience. this young man started from not being able to harldy reading, to reading the entire book of mormon before his baptism. he was pretty sick, the week of his baptism and he went through with it and shared his testimony at his baptism. it was beautiful! he came out to teach and accompany us yesterday ad he was absoluetly ecited to be a missioary and be able to teach and share his testimony with our investigators. he has comepletely changed his life around and you can tell jsut by looking at him. we bought him his white shirt and will buy a tie this week so he can be complete and then his best friend, miguel will be baptized this friday. we are also working with miguels mother, brother and sister for getting baptized the 25th of octubre. they are progressing chin a chin. they dont go to church all that often but we are going to focus on that. and his mom isnt married but lives with the dad, so we have lots to teach! the work is so wonderful here in vicente noble!

the other week we were in a little guagua from barahona to vicente noble. we were all jammed in. there is a wonderful little bakery that the guagua passes by and ALWAYS stopps so everyone can hop off and buy some delish bread. there was a certain bread that i was needing to buy but i couldnt remember the name. the guagua stopped but i was so packed in i coudlnt move. i quickly began asking the dominincan what types of bread there was. i knew it startede with an s so when i heard the lady say the name, i quickly said yes! i want the s...and whatever the name was. the whole back row started busting up laughing as hard as they could. they all started crying because it was apparantly so funny what i said, i believe i said i wanted boob bread. but i am not entirely sure thats what i said. the lady that heard me say boob bread kept yelling out the window, the mormon missionary wants boob bread! 5 boob breads, no 10 boob breads!! ot was a laughing riot! lets jsut say i having ordered that bread since. whatever bread it is..i like it!!

a was talking to the other sister missionaries that live in my house last night about the greatness of this work. the world is getting more wicked and more wicked, but the light of the gospel is getting brighter and more brilliant. it is such a privilegio to be able to be the lords missioanry and be his servant and hands here in vicente noble, finding the people that the lord is preparing. my mission is quite the opposite of blakes, we can get into ANY door we want, almost any door, but it is finding the people that want to act and accept the message and not just hear the good word. i know that the lord is preparing people here and in china and in eagar to hear about the restored gospel of jesus christ. there is no truth quite as sweet and no blessings as grand as the ones found as being members of this gospel. i love you all so much! have a WONDERFUL DAYY and WEEK!!


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