Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barbequing with a Ukrainian Fam

Anya is one of the students that I teach in Ukraine. Her dad drops her off for English class and aslways stops by to say hello. He lived in Montana on a foreign exchange student program so he knows English very well. That is honestly very rare to find someone in Ukraine that speaks English well. He invited Mar and I to have dinner at his home.
On Monday, he and his girls picked us up and drove us to his lovely neighborhood. Oh my goodness, it was so nice to drive in a car! We pull up to an actual house! I would say 87% of people here live in flats (apartments)...yes, that is my guess,-87%! They have a beautiful home! They are still building their home and are staying in their guest house. Their guest house is bigger than the flat that I live currently in. My flat has two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a t.v. room, and a very small kitchen. We have 6 people living here too! Anyway, we got there and met his other girl and wife, Sasha. They couldn't speak English, but were so inviting and eager to have us. We looked at paintings and pictures and just talked. Sergey, the dad, showed us part of the pyramids that he had in his closet and talked about all of the places that he's visited-Tunisia, China, Egypt, Turkey, sheesh all over the world! Then he took us on a walk near his home. We walked along the beach. It was such a fantastic view. There were people camping out with their portable radios and umbrellas. People were starting fires and cooking. ....and of course nude oldies tanning it up. We walked back and we started up the barbecue. We had veal that was marinated, mashed potatoes, salad, pickled sweet peppers, and for dessert we had homemade cheese and honey as well as fresh milk from the village. The cheese was more like a sweet cheese that was really smooth and white. The milk was extememly sweet and thick. It was so thick, it had a film over it. Usually I would not drink that, but I hadn't had a cup of milk since I got here! They fed us and fed us until I could not eat another thing. Then they sent us home with the extra cake, veal, a few apples, as well as fresh cherry blossom tea he got from China and some Chinese currency. It was such a great day sunbathing on their lawn chairs, playing with the dog, and the girls. I felt like I was back at home in America visiting good friends.