Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 27, 2014


Okay, so i really like that i transferred. i loved la venta soo very much but i was excited and ready to change and meet new people. the biggest thing here is that its more in the city. lots of people and music and shops and noise haha. we actually have a 2 story church and its super nice. it makes me feel like im back in the U.S. our house is nice but not as nice. we dont have electricty and water most of the time so im glad that our ovens are gas. :) we had intercambios this last week. i was a smidge nervous becuse i only had little over a week here and i was going out with the hermana leader and had to know where everyone lived and everything. the cajones here are crazy. there are no street names and tons of homes and twisty windy paths and so many people!!!! the pics on google are cool. anyway while out on intercambios it began raining a ton. we didnt have our umbrellas so we rain for covereage under this shack house. a man walked up and quickly grabbed chairs and wiped them off for us. he was holding his precious baby and was so kind. he is haitian but was incredibly fluent in spanish. we invited him to church and gave him a folleto and set up a cita with him. we havent met with his family again but this week we will. im so excited to teach them!!! also, i have a cool story about prayer. we have an investigator named belkis. she is the mother of a recient convert. shes very kind and humble, but hasnt really kept up on committments in reading and praying or going to church. we told her that we were coming to pick her up this sunday. church starts at 8, so imagine how hard it is for anyone to want to come to a different church. so after our 6:30 am weekly meeting with the bishop!!... :) we headed out for her house. we got there to find her iron gate locked. we clanked the lock against the bars, knocked on the window and called her. the phone was incredibly loude. we called her 4 or 5 times. here we were at 7:30 on a sunday morning with no one to answer. we were a little down and decided to pray to decide what we should do different. there were stairs leading up to her roof and we honestly thought about going up and jumping up and down to wake her up! its kind of whatever goes here in the d.r. we´re a little different as missionaries here haha anyway i prayed that we would be able to be inspired to know how to get her there. after we fininhsed we decided to just do everything once more. after, there was no answer. we had been there for a good 20 mins doing everything possible, but  nothing. we walked to church and went to class. after the first hour we walked out of the door and there was belkis! dressed in her best and smiling. what a miracle and an answer to a prayer!!!