Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec. 9, 2014

hi ham fam!

This week was goood but oh so crazy! we did intercambios for 2 days in ocoa, a different city. it wwas really good! it was cooollld likebelow 60! ha but really, it was chilly. 

we had justyns baptism and it was so good. he is such a cute lil guy and hisgrandparents did so much to help him prepare. they were so elated with joy and gratitude that their grandson was able to be baptized in this church. it was very touching. well, we are contactinglots of people becaouse of rthe he is the gift christmas card tarjeta. miracle!...we were contacting in the park the other night, passing out the christmas cards from the church. we saw this couple on the bench but they were getting pretty snuggly and all so we decideded thatd be awkward so we passed by them and contacted two men that were sitting behind them. as we were talking to these men, the guy we had jsut passed that was snuggling with his girlfriend starts hissing at us. thats what men do here to get your attention. (cultural note) he wouldnt let off so my comp looked up and he starts waving us over. we when to go talk to him. he said as we passed the first time he felt our tone(his words) and he wanted to hear what we were sharing. AMZING HUH! we inviteed him to chruch and he came! then he called us to set up an apt. that has never in my mission ha´ppened! he is a miracle and wants to learn soo much!
wwll my time is up.i love youall and hope you have a great week!!! 
hermana hamblin

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