Sunday, March 13, 2011

The TUTUTS of Four

Our senior year these girls and I decided we wanted to start a bucket list. Yes......we went down Main Street looking like crazed psychos on roller blades. We decided to go at 2 a.m. Oh yeah...we were going all out. It was freezing outside, but so worth it! I hadn't been on rollerblades since....well probably when I was about 8 or 9. It was a rocky start, but we had so much fun taking pictures and going crazy. There weren't many people up at that early hour, but whoever was witnessed what great lengths girls go to create some fun in a small town.

Hamblin Threesome

These are my WONDERFUL sisters Jess and Blake. Our family is big on being involved in music
and the arts. During the summer I can remember nights where we would all go into a room and sit there for hours while Jess and Blake practiced songs on the guitar. We sang in
all kinds of harmony.....we would definitely experiment with things. It got pretty interesting sometimes.It's funny to think about all the fun little memories in life. The simple moments are definitely the most precious moments in life...especially with family. I love them.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The other day I was in math. I'm a shy person. I don't do well with starting a conversation let alone keeping one up. I sit by this young man that seems to have a shy sense to him as well. I learned that he had lived in Italy for the past two years and knew Italian. I got super excited! You see, my seminary teacher had served in Italy and had so kindly taught us an Italian phrase. I knew Italian! I had practiced this phrase and had it down. I was feeling bold....and feeling that I could show off a little bit of my "talent" I basically shouted; hand gestures and all . . . . the PHRASE. He got suddenly red...his eyes were big as he covered his mouth and just sat there with the look of (Wow.... that was really embarrassing. Please don't say anything else.) He never told me exactly what I said. I don't even know this guy.

Well shoot.

Blogging? What?

After the unrelentless pressure of my roommate and sister, I decided to start a I thought, what the heck? I need to start blogging! I'm HORRIBLE at keeping up with my journal or anything like that so who knows how great this will work out!