Friday, September 16, 2011

The Work of an Amazing Mom!

It was time for me to go back to Idaho for college. Almost 1,000 miles away!! I did NOT want to go. We both drove up and unpacked my things...and...well I broke down basically. I didn't want my Mom to leave me. I know. I know. I am a college sophomore and I don't want my mom to leave? It's true. I love my mom! She is my best friend. SO...after my Mom saw how much of a mess I was, she got a hotel room for the night. Not just any hotel room, but, an Italian Suite!!....It was one of the only suites left. We thought, what the heck? Let's do it.
As we opened the door, the room was dim-lot, we walked in further and saw the rose petals that had been sprinkled on our bed. Ooooooh romantic. And of course, to top it off, our JET JACUZZI. There was complimentary sparkling cider, wine glasses, and popcorn. Awesome!!! Who would have thought an Italian Suite would have worked out so great! Me and my mom just sat and relaxed and talked all that night. My mom, with her brilliant mothering sense got me through. I love you Mom!!