Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 4, 2013

we also had a service project this saturday(the won that the church all over the world did) we picked up trash along major streets. there were a lot of people that turned out! the first pic is of the two ther hermanas i live with and the president of our rama. the other pic is of a brother amd lots of the youth! it took four hours, but it looked nice and CLEAN after! a lot of people were very gratfeul for our service!

HALLLOWEEN!!! i wore the skirt and loved it! the other hermana dressed up as elders,,,a tie and skirts haha and button up white shirts. it was interesting becasue everyone complimented them and thought it was a legitimate style. the other pic is of a mouse made out of a coconut. the other hermanas made it with a card for my three months out! how nice of them! they made the mouse because we have a little pet mouse in our kitchen. everytime it comes out of its hole i yell for the raid and start yelling ideas of how to kill it haha what can i say? i just want it out of our kitchen!

hi mamm! i didnt get your email or dad's. i hope everything is alright with everyone escpecially grandma. 
this week definitly flew by and it is already November! WOW. we had a good week and had 5 investigators come to church. its been a little bit tough with a lot of our other investigators to follow through with committments. like reading the scriptures and praying to know if this is the church. a lot of the poeple here have another religion, but arent really active in it. i have developed a stronger testimony of faith. faith is not only a belief but an action through believe and hope. i know if i will begin to start acting more in the faith i can become a more effective and powerful tool and my investigators will be blessed through my faith. it's starting to cool off here and its starting to rain more here. FINALLYY!! the other day it began raining super hard. the elctricity went out and everyone was scrambling inside. hma j and i just stood against a wall waiting. we didnt have an unbrella so we didnt want o get soaked. the rain just kept coming and the roads had tons of water flowing down. it was something new and exciting so i liked it. we missed t2 apts because of it, so i felt like our day was wasted but what can you do about rain and thunder storms?? its funny because here, if it starts to rain and pour no one goes anywhere. the dominicans just dont like doing anything if its raining. and when its raining and youre trying to teach a lesson and youre a gringo and cant understand spanish well anyway, its hard to understwand when youre in a home with a tin roof and its raining cats and dogs! a lot of people have tin roofs or homes that just arent sound proof so if it starts raining its mad and chaos in the house haha the mission is such a learning experience; escpecially in the D.R. i never once thought that it would be hard to teach a lesson because of chaos in the streets or music, but that is so much a part of the mission life here. the cars and the music and the people selling stuff yelling out everything they have that theyre selling, is all part of the culture. it can be a little chaotic in the moment, but its all about bringing the spirit in and then doing all you can to keep it. :) lots more people are receiving hma jorgenson and i; escpecially in the calle (street) belen. we are always waving and saying hi to our normal people that sell stuff in the streets or the old women that sit in their hairs on the side of the street the WHOLE DAY. and everyone is just happy to say hello. the older woman always refer to us as their loves, or hearts. one investigator calls us mis corazones. it translates weird in english, but its just so kind! also we went to a birthday party woth an investigator/less active family. they sent us home with tacos and goblets of juice. that's just so dominican! we walked home with our books of mormon in one hand and their big goblets in the other. haha there are many things i love about the dr. also, lsat night a giant cokaroach was found in the other hermana's room. its intennas were huge and so long!!! it fell into hma peck's clothes and it was mad from there. one hermana got the raid and i got a tennis racket and a hanger. it didnt come out until i left. the hermana sprayed it with the raid and it crawled under the bed and died. apparently when they flip on their back they cant flip back over. super weird, but thats exactly what happened! its super funny because the hermanas are always finding abnormally large bugs in their room and NEVER in ours. im convinved its because of my tent! thank you mom! i love you and daddy poo tons and  i hope and pray all is well! AND DRIVE/TRAVEL SAFELY TO AND FROM JESS'S! i love you!!!!
-love your rachie poo :) 
mamma i was also wondering if in one of my packages you could throw in a few recipes. we eat the same stuff a lot, lasagna, pizza, enchladas, potatoes...basically all of the carbohydrate stuff. i was wondering if you could make some copies of recipes that are simple but healthy :) that would be wonderful!!! also if you could get the recipe for the pretzel jello salad i make for thanksgiving :) and what do you put in your red enchiladas other than sauce meat and cheese?? oh and can i get your recipe for curry and your teryaki chicken? and any other side dishes and lunches and dinners??? i need your creative mind mother!! haha