Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

hi fam!!
this week was wonderful! I am trainig hermana olsen from layton utah. She actually reminds me almost exactly of sadee sanders. shes so sweet. this is her first wek in the mission field. she is definitely adjsuting to the living conditions here in the d.r. i forget that iwent through that process haha. when there is big kokaraoach or lizards in our bedroon,or dominicans doing crazy things, i jsut think its normal now. we put 10 baptism dates this week. actually, i made my copm do it, she did great! she stuied french for 6 years before the mission and then got called here! shes doing incredibly well. i am so impressed. anyways, we have one family ireni, and her daughter that is old enough thtat will be baptized on the 13 of sept, francis nad miguel on the 20th and iridi and her son kelvin on the 20th as well . please pray for all of them! they all accepted their dates, but some jsut chose not to come to church this week. if they dont come to church they cant progress and gao a testimony as strongly as by going to church! also, i am living with hermana hewish, mom remerber her? her family was at the airport the day that you dropped me off. shes so sweet! anyay we are working super hard and its great to have a comp that is really excited and willing to do the work! we also go to the temple in 2 weeks so that should be soo much fun!!! 
DAD, good jobfor volunteering!! i am so proud of you!!! youll do so well!!!
well i´ll be busy this week training and preparing people for baptism! also, as i was in the trainers meeting i met 3 elders from snowflake! a fussleman, a tenney, and travis heaps cousin! i cant remeber his name, but he´s cousins with him with light bloonde hair. we were llaughing, because of course i we would find relatives in the d.r.! well  love you all! have a great week and keep moving forward  with faith! after all, thats what we have to live off of and be happy! i love you all so much and i love the lords work!
hermana hamblin
sorry there arent any pics ...again.  plugge di my chip and my computer turned off and i had to change computers and this one doesnt have anywhere to plug in my chip. next week!

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10, 2014

hi family!
this week was a good one!, i did get some nasty parasites again..this will be the third time! rememebr that before my mission i was so nervous about getting parasites and then i äccepted that i would get them...well, all i can say is that i didnt know what i was accepting!! haha 
this week, we had 9 investigators come to church! i cant eve remember the last time we had that many since weve been in this area. I know that the lord blessed us so much because we didnt leave for about 4 days to teach. 
malena, one of our haitian investigators told us in church that she wanted to be beaptized in september. she is amazing. she has never wanted to be baptized before with other missionaries because she had been baptized 2 other times in other churhes, but now she has a desire! she is amazing becasue in order to get baptized she has to get married or leave her partner. she said she wouldnt want to get married to him, so she said that she would leave him, that means that she wouldnt have any stable income nor a house and she has 4 kids that she lives with. what faith!!! 
in church on sunday, our branch president invited everyone in the church that wasnt a member to get pabtized and to search for a desire to get baptized. i was sitting next to my investigator named ireni and she just looked at me, smiled, and pointed to herself and said, thats what i want!  oh my goodness. i am so excited. we have so many good people that we are teaching that have desires to be baptized. we have SOOOO much good work, and i am excited becasue, starting tomorrow i will be a mamma! i will train my legitimate first daughter on the mission. i dont know anything about her! but i am so excited!
i invite you all this week to give a prayer of gratitude this week. we have so many blessings in our lives, and of course we express gratitude often in our prayers, but offer at least one this week of JUST GRATITUDE, to express the love for everything that you have in your life. when you do it, i can promise you that your heart will open and your understanding of the important things in life wil become so clear to you! i love you all and pray that you have a WONDERFUL WEEK!

July 28, 2014

hello all!

this week my comp and i got to work! we taught about 25 lessons, so thats a change! we received a list of 10 less actives from our branch president to look for and teach. this week we decided to try to find as many as we could. we set out and quickly found out that addresses dont exist here. on one side of the street it´ll say house #23 and the other side of the stree #85.....lets just say we´ve found one, and were meeting lots of new people! we are also teaching lots of haitians. they are more poor than dominicans, but very humble. people wont even give us a time or day to come back becuase they dont know if they´ll be home at that time and have the fear of god that if they lie to us about when we can come back and we find them not home, god will be very displeased. its a little interesting.

we also went to a funeral of our ward mission leaders son. he was killed in a car accident.  it was very sad. we went to the burial and that was verrry interesting. remebers the movei other side of heaven whe someone dies and the mother is wailing to the top of her lungs. yep, thats what the famliy, or the women, do here. we were out at the cemetary and the women were wailing and vrying then someone starts yelling, you cant jump in! the wife of the husband was yelling he´s asleep he´s asleep i promise and then tried to jump in! it was very sad, but the other ehermanas will stop by and share the plan of salvation becasue she is not a memebr and it would be perfect.

i have a mini missioanry that will serve with me for 3 weeks. she is from the d.r. and doesnt speak a lick of english. shes great though! she is always singing dominican songs, loves to cook us dominican food and just great! we´re getting along jsut fine. its weird to be training basically. she hasnt expereinced the misionary life at all! because she already knows the culture and speaks spanish i autimatically think she´s been serving for a long time, but then i have to remind myslef that she doesnt know that much about the mission life. shes cute. shes barely 18 and when we´re in the lessons share a brief, but beautiful testimony. her name is hermana mercedes.
i lvoe you all so much and pray for you all! i got emails from so many family and its great to hear that dustin got her call. tell her ocngrats for me!! chile will be awesome . ive heard that they have their own chilean vocabulary. sprry  didnt send pics. the other hermanas have my pic sender. hopefully next week! i love you!
hermana hamblin

July 21, 2014

hi fam!

well, another crazy week! my comp was flown home early friday morning. she left worthy, but had some major health problems. i was only able to find a member to come out with me for 2 days for a ew hours, so i tagged temed it with the other hermanas. im not teaching a whole lot of my investigators which is sooo sad!!! but, i am patiently waiting for the mission to send me a mini missionary sometime, i just hope soon! 
today we ar ein barahona, the small capital. we went to eat pìzza and do a little but of shopping. foreigners are stoarting to come visit, and there are so many white people! honeastly, i am not ready to come home to white poeple. the white people in the grocery store today were just so awkward to talk to and they are so formal-eating cleanly with a knife and fork??? matching clothes, real brand cloethes, asking where to find lemons??? we dont have lemons here in the d.r.!!! oh my white foreighners, you gotta love them.
this week someone in the neighborhood died. as me and my comp ( memebr forom the ward) were passing there was an ambulance, and ablout 150 outside of the house. they were all sitting in plastic chairs facing the house. there was a women screaming and crying. people would come up one by one and hug and console here and she didnt break from screaming or crying. i felt like that movie off of the other side of heaven where the kid dies and shes just wailing! my comp wanted to go stand in the line and give her a hug so i just stood there in a mass of 150 black people awkwardky waiting, boy did i stick out!!
well, i am currently waiting for a companion, sometime, somewhere, somene will come and help me haha patience is the key. patience it the key! i need a dominican so i can lear nto cook some good dominican rice!
i love you all and hope you have a great week! 
hermana hamlbin