Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10, 2014

hi family!
this week was a good one!, i did get some nasty parasites again..this will be the third time! rememebr that before my mission i was so nervous about getting parasites and then i √§ccepted that i would get them...well, all i can say is that i didnt know what i was accepting!! haha 
this week, we had 9 investigators come to church! i cant eve remember the last time we had that many since weve been in this area. I know that the lord blessed us so much because we didnt leave for about 4 days to teach. 
malena, one of our haitian investigators told us in church that she wanted to be beaptized in september. she is amazing. she has never wanted to be baptized before with other missionaries because she had been baptized 2 other times in other churhes, but now she has a desire! she is amazing becasue in order to get baptized she has to get married or leave her partner. she said she wouldnt want to get married to him, so she said that she would leave him, that means that she wouldnt have any stable income nor a house and she has 4 kids that she lives with. what faith!!! 
in church on sunday, our branch president invited everyone in the church that wasnt a member to get pabtized and to search for a desire to get baptized. i was sitting next to my investigator named ireni and she just looked at me, smiled, and pointed to herself and said, thats what i want!  oh my goodness. i am so excited. we have so many good people that we are teaching that have desires to be baptized. we have SOOOO much good work, and i am excited becasue, starting tomorrow i will be a mamma! i will train my legitimate first daughter on the mission. i dont know anything about her! but i am so excited!
i invite you all this week to give a prayer of gratitude this week. we have so many blessings in our lives, and of course we express gratitude often in our prayers, but offer at least one this week of JUST GRATITUDE, to express the love for everything that you have in your life. when you do it, i can promise you that your heart will open and your understanding of the important things in life wil become so clear to you! i love you all and pray that you have a WONDERFUL WEEK!

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