Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today Marina and I got done early teaching our English classes. We decided to go shopping a Dream Town; a HUGE mall close to our flat. There are 2 Dream Towns, each on the other side of the block. These malls are so huge, that it covers 2 metro stops. That's ginormous! Well, these malls are legit. They have not only shops and a food court, but a Belgian waffle stand. gellato, ping pong tables, bowling, ice skating, rollerblading little arenas, a big arcade room, one of those flippy rides where they strap you in, banks, a movie theater, and huge parts of the mall that are themed different countries. They even have one of Arizona! That's what made me like it so much, of course! Lastly, they have a supermarket. A huge supermarket in the mall! Today Marina and I decided to explore it. We entered and took a little roller basket. We went straight to the candy and chocolate isle. Of course we couldn't read anything. We picked it up, and, if it looked good we got it. Period. Next was the bread and pastry isle. Holy flip. DELICIOUS. There were all kinds pastries and breads I had never seen before, never had I seen them twisted and contorted in such magnificent braids and weaved in such patterns. They were irresistible. SO, i got a colorful something. The black stuff, now I say stuff in order to ignore the fact that it looks like caviar. This shall be an experience. I even got flavors of star bursts that I had never seen! One package was an alcoholic drink kind. Bleh. It wasn't so tasty. So...please. Don't purchase them. We wandered that market for a good while. Everything was so foreign. This store, by far, has been my favorite.