Monday, August 11, 2014

July 21, 2014

hi fam!

well, another crazy week! my comp was flown home early friday morning. she left worthy, but had some major health problems. i was only able to find a member to come out with me for 2 days for a ew hours, so i tagged temed it with the other hermanas. im not teaching a whole lot of my investigators which is sooo sad!!! but, i am patiently waiting for the mission to send me a mini missionary sometime, i just hope soon! 
today we ar ein barahona, the small capital. we went to eat pìzza and do a little but of shopping. foreigners are stoarting to come visit, and there are so many white people! honeastly, i am not ready to come home to white poeple. the white people in the grocery store today were just so awkward to talk to and they are so formal-eating cleanly with a knife and fork??? matching clothes, real brand cloethes, asking where to find lemons??? we dont have lemons here in the d.r.!!! oh my white foreighners, you gotta love them.
this week someone in the neighborhood died. as me and my comp ( memebr forom the ward) were passing there was an ambulance, and ablout 150 outside of the house. they were all sitting in plastic chairs facing the house. there was a women screaming and crying. people would come up one by one and hug and console here and she didnt break from screaming or crying. i felt like that movie off of the other side of heaven where the kid dies and shes just wailing! my comp wanted to go stand in the line and give her a hug so i just stood there in a mass of 150 black people awkwardky waiting, boy did i stick out!!
well, i am currently waiting for a companion, sometime, somewhere, somene will come and help me haha patience is the key. patience it the key! i need a dominican so i can lear nto cook some good dominican rice!
i love you all and hope you have a great week! 
hermana hamlbin

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