Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

hi fam!

a few q´s to answer, my comp has 15 months. i live with 2 other americans. one of them is my comp from the mtc. kind of cool! we have a few fans in our house so that is GREAT. the 2 hermanas are from idaho. meridan and boise. just for you mom!!!
this week was interesting!
we didnt leave the house much becasue my comp was sick. i also had a weird thing happen. i woke up tuesday morning with a horrible wretched pain in my neck and head. i couldnt move from off of my bed! for 2 days!! ha...very painful. i guess i just slept on it wrong___...who knows. it took me hours to get up the courage to go to the bathroom and endure the paralyzing pain. it sounds like i am exagerrating, but im not!! haha 
the elders came over and gave my comp and i a priesthood blessing. that was a perfect perfect thing to do. the lord not only heals spiritually but physically. in my prayer he told me i would be healed according to my faith. i stood up and immediatly there was a lift of the pressure from my neck. i couldnt go out to teach for the rest of the day, but the folowing day i was healed!!! 
because we stayed in four days this week, i dont have very many teaching updated or experiences. all i can say is that i missed going out to work and share my testimony and help the people here. when we finally left, i felt so free! i love teaching and sharing the gospel. i havent been able to get to know many people here so far, buti love  the people i have taught and just desire so much for them to keep their committments and to come to christ, and  to feel the liberating joy of knowing the lord and his gospel. that is a huge blessing we have as active members. i love you all so much! have a grat week!
sorry there are no pics, i let one of the hermanas that i am living with use my picture stick. hopefully next week we have good connection with the internet!
love you much! 

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