Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23, 2014

hi fam!
so ...i WAS finally transferred!! I actually really love and miss San Geronimo. but....i am in VINCENTE NOBLE now. That is as far south west as Hermanas serve. It´s also as campo as it gets! there are more donkeys here and well, this lttle town reminds me of eagar, but more ghost town. i kept asking myslef over and over again where are the people!!!!! there is a little branch here. they have some pretty good, active emembers, but it is nothing like where i came from so we will have to teach them lots how to work with us. my comp is hna gutierrez, she is from guatemala and doesnt speak english. she is very nice and so far, speaking spanish with her is good. i live with 2 other americans, so i can imagine how different it is for my comp to cope with all of us. there is a mango tree right outside of our window. whenever the mangos drop onto our steps, i get up and run to go get them before the chickens go peck at them.

there are abnout 70 people mas or menos that attend our branch, but techinally more than 700 less actives!! how sad. sooo we have lots of reactivating to do here! me and my comp are in charge of helping the young women here. we attened the yw class yesterday and there were 3. one was an investigator, one was almost 19 and hates relief society, and the other was just a regualr yw member. haha oh sweet nelly. its different!

some things ive noticed wince i was sent to vincente noble....
old people just dont have teeth
they pack their mules to sell coal in the mornings.
a lot more naked children
everyone is less active
i forgot pigs and horses existed!
well, i will keep you updated, i love you all lots!
love hermana hamblin

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