Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct. 6, 2014

my dearest ham fam!!

my this wee was great! sorr, some of the keys dont work,,,,it´´l be a coded letter.

miguel was baptized and conirmed this friday what a beautifl dayy!!! his family attended. they are preparing tobe baptized as well. the mom is not married and trying to talk her husband into marriage. please pray for a miracle especialy for the husband to be interested in the gospel or in marriage.
miguel shared a short but sincere testimony at his baptism. i am just so thriled that he has finally made his first covenant with god. he will begin his studies at the university at barahona soon and there will be lots more young single adults that are mormon. that wil help him lots.
francis, actually decided to not be confirmed because he is in another religion..... that was the worst thing i have experienced in my mission..maybe in my life.
BUT we are ffinding new pèople and helping others come to christ. we have a man franlin that we are teaching. he is the most intelligent person i have taught, he just gets its all and feels the spirit so strongly. we invited him to baptized in november and he accepted. he did not come to church this week so we were pretty bummed. thats probably the hardest things for dominicans, so keep committments, but i know that once they really understand why they are important and who they are with, they will be faithful and excited to keep them.
let me just say, witnessing the conversion process is such an incredeible experience. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! there are soo many people that need it. i love elder bednars talk that was to non miembros. he referred to us missionaies as being awfully persistant. thats the truth!! we share what we know to be the truth!!
also there was a quote by elder holland maybe??.i cant remember. but he stated that it is ou responsibility to rescaue and save those who are on the vege o being lost, and it is by saving and rrescuing otherrs that we ourselves find our own rescue. i have found that to be true. through finding teaching and helping others be in the path of rescue i have learned how much I need to be saved and how much i need to let the savior help rescue me. i love this gospel that is absolutely perfect. and i am grateful to be here in the d.r. serving my heavenly father. 
i love you all so much and challenge you to study the gospel of jesus christ and then find something YOU need to do to be rescued and to help the lord rescue someone else. if you do this the lord promises us that we will indeed receive blessings of strength and of animo or excitement in changes and improving ourselves.
love you alll soooo very much 
hermana hamblin

love hermana hamblin

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