Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct. 13, 2014


this week was a good one. they jsut fly by. i cant hardly comprehend that blake got 16 months arlready! this week we had lots of miracles happen. first off, president cuevas, our branch president, announced that we will have a white christmas activity. december 13th we will have as many people prepared to be baptized on this date as possible. we will have all of the baptisms and then have a spiritual thought and movie and refreshements, but basically it is to prepare as many people for baptism as so give back to the savior and help people change their lives this christmas. i am super ecited and the other sisters are too. as we were doing our weekly planning session this thursady my  comp and i were thinking what we could do to really have success. we hadnt been meeting with very many families and so we put a father present policy. sounds funny , but its something that we really need. here in the d.r. its super easy to meet with people but families, and fathers are suupppppeerrr hard to find and teach.
so we put it a goal to teach as many FAMILIES as we can. this week we taught about 9  families. what a MIRACLE!!! there are still lost of the husbands that dont want to get married or get baptized, BUT they are listening. and that is a wonderful start. we will be praying and working hard with the members here. 
this week we will have a conferene with pres nukols and elder cornish. me and three other hermanas will be singing a special number so we are all excitied.
frankling is doing well. he has stopped drinking coiffee and asked us to pray for him to stop drinking his beer. he didnt go to church becasue he was at the farm,  but he is progressing little by little and we are grateful for that. he has such a good understanding of EVERYTHING and now he jsut has to live up to his understanding of gods laws and his epectations. that´s how it is for each of us! 
i love you all and hope you have a wonderful wonderful week!

love hermana hamblin

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