Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014

this week was great! we had most of miguels family attend church. we are teaching a man named franklin. he is so intelligent and really understands almost everything we say. he always has great questions, but he didnt come to church yet again! on sunday someone declared that franklins property was his and franklin had to go claim it aqnd now has to go to court. satan is horrible! no matter, franklin will go to church soon. we are working hard for the navidad blanca and working with our famlies that we have. honestly, we have a few families that the husbands dont want to get married, but mirales will happen if they work in their faith. that is the beauty of faith. mirales happen. I am so tickled to hear that janice is taking the lessons and had put a baptism date. the lord will help her through everything. she is AMAING. that is the beauty of the gospel. it is for every single person in this world. and every single person has the potential to accept it and receive all of the blessings and hoy and change their lives in a miraculous way. i LOVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. this last week we had so many lessons where the spirit was so strong. we are teaching una evangelica. that religion is very big here and it was amazing that she invited us back. we taught her the restoration and the spirit was so strong. she understand the importance of the restoration and said she would pray. i know that god will work through her as well. i lvoe you all and invite you to keep pressing forward each day with more faith and to make the changes in your life so that YOU can be more receptive to the lord.have  A spectaular week!
lvove shermana rachie

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