Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15, 2014

hi family! 

so this week was a little bit of a ROLLERCOASTER..but...all worked out.
we had a lesson planned with miguel and francis. we went to fid francis and he told us that he wasnt feeling well and coulnt meet with us.  good excuse. so then when we were walking down his same road a few hours later, we went to talk to him about putting another cita. he told us that he was in another church and that he couldnt get baptized. i almost bawled right there! i just wanted to throw up.what? another church? he said that he had attend it for tha past week. i asked him if he had prayed about it and he said yes. this is less than 2 weeks from his baptism!

we assigned him some scriptures to read and then to pray and then set another cita for the next evening. then we started fasting.
we showed up and asked him what happened. it was even hard for him to expalin. apparently there had been a lot of people that had been saying lots of bad things about our church. it was confusing him. but he said that he still knew that this church was true and that the book of mormon was true. we had a good lesson and told him that it would not be easy just becasue it was the truth. after all, look at christ´s life and joseph smith´´s- they were killed for the truth. after a good, long talk, he just said, okay, so what is my date for baptism...i want to be baptized! hallelujahj!
ireni and carla have had a rough week this week. her grandma and siister have been pretty sick so shes been helping them a lot. but she hasnt met with us for about 5 days and stopped praying and reading. we stopped by for church and her daughter finally came to the door and said her mom was sick. they didnt come to church so we will ahv to postpone their fecha unitl the 26th of sept with miguel and franics. pray for ireni and carla also. they are struggling.
we are working hard with selia nd emanu also. they are a haitian couple. the father is a member but lives with this woman. she isnt baptized so thay are preparing to get married and baptized. she has to go to haiti to look for some papers and then they have to go get married in haiti becasue they are illegal here. they are seriously the sweetest couple, so humble. they are very poor too so this is a big sacrifice of money for them, but they dont look at it at all like that. the other night we were at the church waiting for an activity to start. emanu was there waiting as well. he had a backpack on, which he never carries around. i was wondering what was in there, then he called me over to him and said,,,,you hermanas can carry avocados right? i said, of course! quickly he unzips his back and unloasd 12 HUGE avocados rfom his bag and starts stuffing them in my purse. i was telling him, n o, no! we cat take all of them! he just said, hermanas, HERMANAS. yes they are ALL for YOU!  they have a huge avocado tree with hundreds of yummy avocados. how sweet! then throught the week we´ve had everyone gift us avocados, so we had about 20. and these avocados are about 4 times the size of the u.s. ones. we eat avocados wtith sandwiches, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, name it and its there! 
well., i love you all so much! have a great day!

the pic with me and the bag is a snickers, but not JUST a snickers. i opened it up and there were spiders webs and maggots crawling out of disturbing!

> hey mom!,
> its a bummer that you werent on today! BUt, i have to say i have decided to come home my reagular date, thats the 26th of januray.
> i was reading the scriptures and this verse really touched me.
> 3 nephi chapter 13 verse 33
> ive prayed a lot and fasted and studied it out in my mind, and honestly, i know that me being a missionry for another month and a half longer is something that the lord needs me to do. so dont worry about classes or anything. i will figure it out all when i ge home! also, tell jessum! i love you all lots!! soo, and dont worry about buying me anything else for christmas!..NOTHING. just save everything for when i go home and we can go to the doctor and dentist and i get everything at home. i want to come home with as little as i can!
> i love you lots mamma! have a great week!
> love hermana rachie hamblin

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