Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 7, 2014

Ahh mom,
I just love you so much! It sounds like you are absolutely loving life. Your health is going great and you just sound so dang happy! I hope you are of course! This weekend was such a great one. I was so exciteed about general conference that i didnt mind much attention to transfers. we had 4 of our investigators come. each one of them loved it. I didnt see any of you sadly. but i was watchin! 
The first session we showed up and for the first 40 mins they couldnt get it to work, they were showing it off of their ipad. finally it worked with a computer and all was well.
This week we had transfers. Hermana stewart is leaving. I still havent found out who my comp is but i will recieve that call tonight. I am a little nervous because i have never been in a position that has been to be the leader and know the area and people so it should be a great growing opportunity. 
my spanish is coming along. I am understanding more and more and it makes me so happy. I am finally gaining the confidence that i really need as a missioanry. its taken 8 months! dang it! but im realising more and more how i am gods missionary and i have the truth and the authority to teach it to the point that others receive an opportunity to gain their salvation and happiness the way the lord has commanded us to. there is nother way that we gain salvation. it is through the atonement of jesus chrsit and the organization of his church and our obedience to god.
hermana stewart has been such a bold example to me. so confident and conscious in all she does as a missionary. as time has gone on with us two being together she has rubbed off. i am much more bold and confident. i had written down a question before conference that i wanted answered and it was how to work better and mroe confidently with the members. then someone talked on the importance of members and missionaries learning together through preach my goespel. what an answer to a prayer for me! it wasnt a surprise, but i know the lord knows his children and asnwers their questions and prayers through the prophets and apostles.
 i love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful, safe week! 
hermana hamblin

p.s. this is a pic of shirtless matos and his wife......oh boy i love this man.he sure is his own man 
the other pic is of a guayabana. a fruit that is green and prickly.its mainly used in juices.

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