Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 15, 2014

..dan dan dan dan! this is my new mish comp. hermana safeer. almost 6 ft 2" super funny and goofy and loves to have fun. she reminds me of nat. she´s super cute! she got transfered from the south so shes dying of the heat here and having to pay for fruit. in the south they all have fruit trees so theres no need for paying. we´ve had ltos of fun this week getting to know each other and asking lots of questions.  she has one year in the mission field. she came from the same group as hermana jorgenson, my mom. EVERY DAY as we walk down the street people gawk and have to tell us things like, grandote! she´s so tall. you have a very tall comp! everyone knows theres a new missionary in town!

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