Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 20, 2014

hi mom!
so this week was great. i am not the senior comp actually haha. i dont know if i accidentally said that in my last email??? but one day im sure that that day will come haha
This week was good. we received 10 references from qa member. what a blessing for us! we will ahev lots of good work to do this week! we are teaching a family. glady abranham and their 4 little kids. the wife has come to church 3 times with her 5 little kids and they all behave so well. they are so adorable.
this week was stake conference. it was...interesting. we went to our church to watch the broadcasted stake conference and the interent went out so we just sat there for over an hour hearing glitches of it. no one could understand anything. ha....interent here just isnt great. even if it is the highest quality. so...i didnt understand hardly anything, BUT my mission presidnet talked and he talked abuot missionary work. he stated as members we help invite others to come unto christ. but is that all we do??? no, we take them by the hand and we help them. we invited them to activites,we visit them and answer their questions, we serve and and do so much more than merely inviting someone to take missionary discussions or invting them to come to church. it was  such a powerful talk!
we do get to talk on mothers day but i havent heard when. i think we can probably just talk on the phone?? i think that saounds good. 
i love you all so very much and pray all is well with you all no matter where you are or what youre doing!!
lots of love, hermana hamblin

we had a pizza night with the sisters in our house. we ordered pizza at 8 thirty and got it at almost 11.....what a night!

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