Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

hi all!!
this week was good! it was a bit crazy. we had a conference with president and lots of missionaries. find out, that he and his family will be leaving this tueaday becasue if they leave at their assigned time to finish the mission they wont be able to go back to canada. so...his 1st councelor will cover for him for a month before our next mission president from california gets here. it will be so weird to have a new one...and one that speaks english!
this week we found more peopple to teach. its hard to remember everythings thats happened. we had a lesson with josefina this week. she is 22 and has a little 5 yr old boy. we had a word of wisdom talk with her. she is strating to end her smoking and drinking and coffee. this will be so tough for her, but she said she wants to jsut stop it all at once. she cant walk because a motor hit her and she had a major operation so we showed up with some members sunday morning to get her for church. she said that of course she wanted to go but when we showed up she had been sleeping and said she didnt want to go. that was a little rough, but we pray that she comes next week.
i hope all of you are doing well and i love you tons!
have a wonderful week
oh and mom, ! how is jeffrey whiting, the one that jsut got off of his mission from hawaii??? its so fun to hear!
lots of love! hermana hamblin

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