Tuesday, April 22, 2014

March 24, 2014

hi all!!
this week was good. we are preparing for a baptism. his name is Pablo and he is one determined happy man. he absorbs everything and just flies with it. his wife is reactivating. she´s had classes on Sundays for the last few months so she´ll be ready to get back into the swing of things. their family has been so blessed and you can see the difference.his little 5 year old girl, carainy still is crazy at church. she loves to color and only sits with us sisters...not her dad haha.  ...but it will come with time.
so this week we will be focusing mainly on him. we also need to do a lot of finding, and hopefully get a lot of referncias from the members. the ward here is great and very loving. we also have ward conference coming up and so EVERYONE is stoked. they have planned missionary activities at the church each week to have non members,and less actives come. there will be movies about our beliefs and about the family with games and question answer devotionals. it should be great!
this week as we were walking to a cita we were in the really rich part of the city. a man was opening one of the big gates and quickly asks as we were walking, what do you guys preach????
we stopped and started talking to him. he found out that we were mormons and quickly responded. oh, im really interested in that relgion. ive heard so many good things about it. i asked if he had any friends in the church and he didnt. he knew absolutely no one in the church, but wanted a pamphlet to analyze he said. he was just a worker taking care of the house and lives in the east mission so we took down his info to send it to those missionaries. i hope they find him sooon! it was neat to find someone that the Lord put in our path.
i am starting to understand spanish more. when the latin sisters talk to me i can actually start understanding their conversations. their conversastions are quite different becasue they are about normal life things and not jsut the gospel. AND they are both dominicanas so they talk really fast because its normal...so progression!
well, i better go! but i love you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEK!!
HERMANA hamblin

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