Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

hello fam!!
 so this week was great, flew by just like the rest! this week we had a lesson with matos. we had planned on teaching him about the law of chastity and were jsut praying that all would go well and that he would understand. he lives with his partner but they have never gotten married. he tells us that her mentality is messed up and that she has to take lots of meds. thats really all we know about estervina. anyway, one of the committments to keep is to be married. we begin teaching and estervina walks in and they both just start fighting about something. matos got really upset and was plugging his ears and it was just sad to see. then they finished and he coudlnt focus on the lesson because he was so upset and angry. we contine to try to invite the spirit it and then she walks in again with sweet potato and onions on plates so that we can eat her food. she tells us that it is a sin if she doesnt feed us and that we need to eat it right now. then my comp begins telling them we cant eat it. then matos gets mad and commands us to eat it or that we will never have the respect and trust from estervina. finally i just told them that we could carry it.  it was a mess. they were yelling and trying to basically force feed us! oh my. finally that ended and we began again. we explained things and went really slow. it seemed like everything was jsut a disaster, but at the end we told him that he would need to get married to be baptized. his response was, of course i am going to get married. i can do that. do i need to talk to her right now?? what??? it was an amazing response! that is the last thing that we were expecting from brother matos! it was a good ending, but i think that we will have to repass the law of chastity again haha. we always have an adventure with matos. 
this week maria, an investigator that has been investigating the church for years, finally accepted a fecha for her baptism! the 5th of april. she wasnt hesitant to accept being baptized, but when we put a date she got really timid. but she accepted, so we are going to work with that! we have 4 people with baptisms coming up so we are working hard with them! 
i will be doing a 40 day fast. i am still deciding what i would like to start with, but what a wonderful opportunity that will be to change something small, but so very significant. i love you all so very much. have a wonderful week and look for ways to share the gospel, and always be confident in it!
 i love you bunches!! 
hermana hamblin

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