Monday, March 3, 2014

feb. 24, 2014

hi family!!
this week was great! so we had transfers and i stayed. everyone was telling me that i was going to train so i was preparing myself. my comp has been playing the training game with me for 2 weeks! i knew she was going because she has 5 transfers here....7 months!!! she has 13 months and is pretty old. when we got the call it was just as i suspected, i was staying.....and so was hermana stewart!!!! we were both shocked. i am grateful i at least have one more transfer with her. i can and have learned so much in these past 6 weeks>! so every Sunday we go to a bishop meeting to talk about our investigators and their progress it starts at 6:30 in the morning. as i was walking down the stairs and got out to the street i realized i still had my head lamp shining in the dark. i as cracking up! sheesh...wearing my headlamp to ward council!
pablo,an investigator showed up to church again! he is definitely progressing and has a fecha or date for the 29 of february. we are going to work hard with him. shirtless matos also came to church and absolutely loved it!! he looked a little scared and out of his comforet zone, but it was good for them. he showed up in a jean long sleeve button up,kind of like something uncle steve would wear and his booots. he is precious. we have a fhe planned with belkis tonight but sometimes, okay, lots of times she always forgets about things that we tell her so we will see what happens tonight. i think we will have to start doing lots of finding and receiving more referrals from the members because for some reason we are just not finding people that want to put effort into discovering the truth of the restored gospel!

i am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I KNOW WITHOUT ANY DOUBT THAT THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH. just going to church i can feel and know how true it is. i absolutely love this gospel and have so much joy in my life from living it. it is true!!! if you dont, then pray. pray earnestly and specifically, read the scripture and ask god. he WILL answer without doubt. he will. just listen and move forward. welp, ive got to go but i love you all so much and am grateful for all of you!!!

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