Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

hello fam!
this week was another great week! we are working with pablo and matos and belkis. pablo is on fire and is studying and going to church and so very excited about all of it. at the end of of our last lesson. we asked if he had any questions. he pauses and asks...what color of tie do i need to wear to church? he was so solemn looking and so earnest in asking. it was cute. he got a tie from his work so he looked great at church!
matos,still is working toward his baptism....very very slowly. he still hasnt talked to his partner but he came to church. he has as cute little scripture journal that he writes what he learns. its so cute. he usually doesnt remember much of what we say,so we will see where he is this week.
the other investigators that we are teaching arent really progressing. its kind of sad,but we will just need to find more people to teach! 
we are working with 9 menos activo families. there are so many less actives,but we visit them quite often. we have some success.
its kind of crazy because blake contacts alll day every day and me and my companion dont do a lot of contacting. we just have apts and lots of people to visit! we just dont have a lot of progress, its going to take a lot of hard work, working by the spirit to help each person individually with the love that they need. 
it amazes me at all of the less actives that we find weekly. some go inactive after a week of being baptized! others have been inactive for 20 years. the gospel is so true. its not convenient to live the gospel but it is not supposed to be. it takes dedication and hard work, faith and endurance to live the gospel because we live in a world that fights against anything good. we have everything good with the gospel and should never let it go. there is no excuse, and no difficulty too heavy that the power of faith and sincere prayer cant overcome. Christ removes our inabilites, disabilites, weaknesses, pain and doubts. we just need to confide in him. i am so very grateful for the restored gospel of jesus christ. and i am so grateful i can be here to share it with those people that are searching for it! i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
lots of love, hermana hamblin

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