Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

hi fam! i just deleted my letter on accident. i thoguht it was the save button! this week was good. we had a cita with pablo and he told us that he wasnt married. he thought he waS for some reason but he has started getting the papers and will be getting married in the next two weeks before the 29th of march. we are so excited! we wont be able to go becasue theyre havbing the wedding in the east misison. our other three baptisms dont look like they will happen from the looks of it right now. its hard right now, but i  know the lord is preparing people and that there are people searvching! there are thousands of people that we pass each day, and that is why it is so critical to be lead by the spirit. we can talk to people all day about god and his gospel becasue the people here love talking about god, but there is a difference between listening and appplying. i know that faith is a belief as well as an application, an action. i love the gospel so much and know it is true! i hope you all have a wonderful week!
and for my birthday package, i can get basically anything here so dont worry about sending me much. i have money in my account that i can use to buy whatever i need. well, sorry i have to go but i love you all lots! 
hermana hamblin

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