Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

we decided to make some delicious funnel cakes to celebrate transfer call night. sheesh, i burned myslef from the water vapor stuff! OUCH! haha.

okay, i have transfers this week. ready for it?......................................IM LEAVING. ahhhhhhhhh so crazy. i am so sad to leave the members here and my recent converts but incredibly excited and scared to go to a new area where i know no one, including my companion. they havent told me where or who im with i will find that out tonight. but ill pack tonight. 
that is sooo sad about tell. please give th udall family my love and let them know they are in my prayers. they are an incredibly strong, faithful family. so it will be alright. 

man, well i am sure excited for the trek to come! when will it be? this summer or next? this week was good. we had the baptism of kika! and we had a temple teip with lurden and wesley. it was such a great day. tonight i think my ward mission leader and branch presidnet are throwing me and hermana peck a goodbye party type of thing. how sweet! i am going to stop by all fo the members homes tonight to say goodbye and pack my bags. oh mom! this is going to be such a good growing opportunity to grow in my spanish, faith, teaching skillls, and a chance to meet more wonderful people that i will come to absolutely love. i am so sad to leave hna jay, but it will be good for me to stand on my own two feet. :) oh! and i got the packahe from granny carol! how sweet! i wrote her a letter and sent it. i also got a package from granny sylvi. she sent me 4 hankie. 2 from granny butler and 2 that were papas. it made me cry. (out of joy and just how precious that was to me) im basically the hanky missionera. haha and i love it! well i dont have more time but i love you all! and make sure to say your prayers and show gratittude for all you have! -rachie

shoot! you cant see her crazy hair. this is kika. we stopped by her house today at 6:30 am to pick her up for seminary. she got to the front door and told us she needed to bathe. her hair was like a standing fan fro! as you can see she has her little bathing bucket. she is so cute! by the time she finished we showed up to seminary with 5 mintues left.

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