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December 30, 2013

December 29, 2013

hi mamma!!
it was soo very good to see you all and talk to the fam! i cant believe you didnt cry! nice job!!!!! i almost held out. haha but, wow it was the best christmas present ever!!! thank you for sending me blakes emails. i absoltely love them! she is so stinkin funny! im glad you enjoyed christmas with the fam. i had a perfect christmas here. we had a little christmas tree with lights, and my cactus of course! all of the hermanas were laughing. they all thought it was cute. yes, i was at josef's house and he is a native. he doesnt really speak ANY english. i should have talked more spanish to you, but dont worry, you can hear it on mother's day! its still progressig and understand more. whenever any elder from the office calls i never understand haha i always have to pass the phone to another hermana. this week the elders brought fans to install in the house. i am sooo excited! our outlets dont work so some fresh air will surely fill good. its still quite warm here. 
so we had the opportunity to kind of open up a new area here. tierra llana. we contacted 600 doors several times to invite them to a christmas concert that the church put up in their gacebo they have there. we found many poeople that were open! very nice. we took their info down and starred them if we felt like they were open. also, if they offerred us water, we surely starred them! haha it was good. we had the christmas program last night and it was magnificient. they had the stake chior there, increrdible christmas jazz players from the stake, and showed lds christmas messages on a huge projector. sadly, not many people came...sad sad sad. we expected 300 plus people but like 50 came. oh well! it was marvellous. after we had a hot cider. it was ginger and so strong my tongue was numb. !!!! i got to talk in church this sunday too! josep called me sat night at 10 pm. that guy. haha i gave it on the love that god has for us. i think it went good, but i dont know spanish perfectly anyway, so whatever i say i think im saying it right! haha wesley and lurden are doing great! she is so sweet. we havent really taugght investigatores for a few weeks because we had been power contacting in tierra llana. im excited to get back to the normal swing of things and just teach teach teach!!!!! we have another little family that i have much faith in. she is native but her husband is from france. he doesnt have a lot of knowledge about god but glenny, the wife, has told us that she feels something so strongly with us.she feels its true and says she'll get baptized. now she just needs to come to church! awhhh this area has so much potential and i only have 2 more weeks until transfers! so much work to do!
oh and MIRANDA IS PREGNANT????? wow, im so excited for her! anyone else? how is she? how is julie davis and race??? and nat is almost done with her papers? im so glad! maggs and soph wrote me letters whish was so exciting! theyre doing well. soph plans on getting marries this spring. well, i just want you all to know i have a testimony of this gospel. that is why i am here in the D.R. i am so gratfeul for the lord. he is absolutely perfect and loves us all perfectly and equally. i have felt that as i have been here. my faith has strengthened in having confidence in speaking and in being a missionary in general. i love the lord and you with all my heart. have a wonderful day! xoxoxoxoxox
love, hermana hamblin

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