Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 30, 2013

this my lovely fam, is what they call sweet beans. they cook them, blend them, sweeten them, and put cooked sweet potatoes and soggy wheat bisquits. not to bad i have to admit! only for like 2 days though. christina made them for us! and practically forced us to take more home. i how i love her!

mashing potatoes for our christmas lunch! and my christmas cactus!

also, not so flattering, but! our  sinks were badly clogged and so we couldnt do our dishes. we had a grand idea to do them in the back where we do laundry with our head lamp. great stuff!

you all now my health history. well, so does hermana jorgenson! this is what i received from hermana jay for my christmas present. and pb! how thoughtful! ..i wont lie. i was super excited when i got them because now i dont have to get them this week hallelujah!

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