Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 8, 2013

hi mamma!
sorry we had our christmas concert yesterday and we didnt get home in time to email. it was a very good christmas concert. AND GUESS WHAT??? i GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!! thank you so much . i listen to my amy grant cds every night and me and hma jay are in love with our little fall/thanksgiving hankies. thank you for everything!!! tell the aunts and uncles thank you for the lettters and laura! how sweet of them! i have saved some of the letters to read so save some excitement :) also for christmas we have been told we can call on the 24th or 25 probably in the afternoon. we havent heard if we can skype or not, i sure hope though! so what day will work best for you guys? it'll be crazy calling with blake but just let me know. we only have like 2 more weeks! but it is cooling off here. im not drenched in sweat like normal so thats good. sorry we only have 30 mins to email so it'll be short, but thatnk you for sharing your thoughts about sacrament. i absolutey loved what was said about the difference about rebellion and weakness. very interesting and so very true. how grateful i am for mercy. 
it sounds like you have your hands full of kids, but MK is a good one to have :) and i am glad you are taking some time to just have fun with donna. she is so wonderful! tell her hello for me! also, you and dad should definitely send me our christmas letter and a pic! a pic of everyone at christmas with hudson and andy and jess. i love you mucho!
love rachie

mario helping us with the mouse. he doesnt look too happy eh?? ahha

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