Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 1, 2013

hola my sweet family!!
this week was an eventful one! first off, we had THANKSGIVING!!! we went to a chinease, dominican buffet. haha BUT...we decided that we were going to make some of the thanksgiving to bring with us. we made mashed potsatoes, gravy, and green beans. when hma peck was making the homemade gravy we went to taste it and oh dear......we sat and tried t think of what we could do. hma erickson walks by and mentions she had beef jerky. why not use that?? we didnt have much time but decided we'd try to use it. so....we got the jerky out..not any jerky but teryaki beef jerky. we put a few large pieces in boiling water to soften it up and stuck it in the microwave. then we stuck so powered milk and put it in the blender. i blended and blended til it was a pink paste....yeah then we stuck it in the gravy. then we stuck all of this delicious food into a ice cream bucket and walked to pic a pollo (the chinease buffet) haha we met the elders there and went around the table mentioning things that we were all grateful for. we couldnt repeat so of course we were mentioning things like electricity, running water, raid, bleach and so forth. then we fininshed our meal off with dulce de leche and oreo truffles! yum yyum!
next thing that happened was "mice" we have lots of mice in our kitchen. we have tried to use poison but nothing has worked yet. one morning during personal study one of the hermanas saw the mouse running around. we had all had it with this lil guys. it may be lilttle and cute, but i was ready for it to be out of the house. so we chased it onto our counter. there we stood with our brooms and flip flops in hand ready to take on the challenge. one of the hermanas scared it and it began running behind our counter. i threw my shoe at it hard and smacked it! we were all stunned. and luckly one of the hermanas thought quicka nd got out plastic container and we trapped it. we wedged a piece of paper under the bottom and then brought it down to mario. he lives below us and is one of our investigators. hes kind of a dad, even though hes fairly young haha. we brought it over and he wasnt sure what to do. we told him to kill it. he took the container, not wanting to have anything to do with it, and walked across the street to the men washing the cars. he handed him the contained and then the man places it on the ground and wacked it with a stick until it was dead. brutal! dont worry, i have pics! then the very next day we trapped another one and mario killed it for us. SUCCESS. we still have another, but we're jsut waiting for it to come out. it knows we are on a mouse killing roll! then just last night hma jay and i went out tracting. it began raining and so we found shelter in some members home. we sat there for 25 mins and decided we really wanted to go to see lurden and cristina because it was possibly our last time to see them because it was the night before translados. we ran in the ran to lurdens and found out that cristinas house was flooding. we quickly scurried to the cajone and found a river! it was about to our knees, but there was a river rushing quickly down an opening to the cajones. cristina lives just below a major freeway and all the heavy rain broke the wall that lined the freeway.  cristinas little grandson was sitting on the bed in her house when all of a sudden watter poured in through her holes she has in her wall as a window. it swept him completely off the bed! when we showed up there were so many there helping her. there was lots of water and filth and we were moving everything out of the water. people were crying and shouting. it was all of a sudden! as all this chaos was happening cristina was just shouting things like i have faith in god! when we arrved she just said god has sent you here!! and then she was going off on her faith in christ and that everything was okay because christ is good. at one point her daighter started crying out of fear and cristina looks over to her and shouts defiantly,---if your crying you dont believe in god!!! cristina can be a little intense sometimes haha but boy do i love her. everything is okay i think. we had t leave and go to the ward members and they went to help, but we had to g in for the night. hopefully we get to go see her tomoroow. 
BUT...I HAVE 4 MONTHS in the mission field! 4 months! thats almost half a year! wow . we had translados and im staying in la venta. im super happy. it was a little werid because all four of us hermanas are staying. that hardly EVER happenes so its hard to believe, but i'll get to spend christmas here! by the way, no i havent received either package...but hopefully next week it will be here. for recipes i typed the ones i wanted to jess when you were at their house so maybe you can find them there. i jsut dont have any more time left! i love you all so much and hope you have a good week!!!
love rachie

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