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November 18, 2013

THIS, my dear family, is my TURKEY FLAKE!!!! yes, pretty great huh? at 10 pm the other night me and the other hermanas decided to have a turkey cutting snowflake contest. we had like 3 mintutes so i decided to cut a "hand turkey" in it and a t for turkey. then i unfolded it and it looks like  a crab and a fence. 

mamma mia!!
so as i got to the copmuter to check to see if my lil hudson was here, .......I FORGOT MY PASSWORD. i typed and typed and sat to wait for almost 9 WHOLE MINUTES!!! i thought i wasnt getting on this week, but thankfully i remembered!! awwww I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED AND HAPPY THAT HE IS FINALLY HERE AND THAT EVERYTHING IS GOOD!. the first thing i saw on the pictures was a blown up pic of hudson. and only a portion loaded, of his one crusty eye that was a quarter the size of my entire computer screen. as we waited (hma j y i) were were so darn excited and then that popped up! im not going to lie it was a bit scary! and i still cant see that complete pic so im glad youre sending it to me, but you look so cute with hudson@! i can only imagine the love and excitement in the house!! please, tell me more and just catch me up on everything! 
as for here....lets see. we had 4 menos activos come to church and 8 investigators! it was awesome becuase one of the boys that is an investigator, wesley, broke his food pretty bad and still made it to church! he lives in a cajone and his house is on the 2/3 story and there is only a steep, narrow , spiral staircase that leads up to his house. im pretty sure people from the ward went to carry him down. what a champ! we also has an...interesting lesson on sunday. there is a lady visiting here. here mom is sick and so she came to take care of here. she is from puerto rico but is studying at byu and just finished a semester. we had a lesson at her house with her neighbor that isnt a member. she basically taught the lesson for over an hour and didnt really let us say anything. but....she first opened up the lesson by stating she hated answering questions and that she was really personal and that she doesnt know how to react when someone asks her a question and then she went on to tell a little but about herself. what she said was that she was an engineer and that she loved money. she loves finances and the numbers that go with it. money is super important and that wherever she can make the most amount of money she calls home. EVEN IF IT IS IN AFRICA. that would be her about STRANGE AND CREEPY. it made it more creepy because her moms things werent moved in all the way. the house was pretty empty and it was a very nice home. the nicest we had been in. and there was no light. she spent time with her flashlight and her old english bible proving to her catholic neighbor that that was the most correct bible translation. we have another apt this week with them...we'll see how that goes!!!
so, i have not received the package yet, but we usually get mail tomorrow so i hope its here! our next transfer is on the 3rd or so of december so i am not sure if i will be here in la venta with hermana j or not. im a little noervous because it could be a possibility that i will train! its not high because i dont think a lot of new hermana are coming in, but we'll see! well i should go, but have fun and enjoy time with lil huson and everyone! give him a smooch for me!

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