Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

our first night together and her teaching me the ways of yoghurt and cookies<1 mmmm mmmmmm

we have a talking parrot that lives on the second floor. i know you love animals so i took this for you!!

   Firstoff!....OH MY GOOOODDDNNNEESSS GRACIOUS! I so,the night that hermana peck and i were getting transferred we had a little goodbye party with the rama, branch. i had expected that they were making a nice cake or something. i had absolutely no idea what to expect. during the day i get a call from my district leader telling me that the office needed my home phone number in the U.S.???? what? well, i didnt ask any questions and gave it o him. then we went to the party that night. we all sit down and they start off with a testimony meeting kind of thing. then presidnet gets up and starts talking about how very grateful he was to have had hermanas finally come in and open up la venta. he then told us we have been inmortalized in their heart. kind of strong words,but he´s said it several times. and has also referenced to us as angels. the people here are so sweet. the way they speak, so open really is a part of their culture. so he sits down and then they pull out a projector. slide show! it had lots of great pics of us hermanas with joseph our mission leader. it was so sweet. then pres. gets back up and asks,who likes surprises, and continues pulling something up on his computer. then a title slides across the screen and i see,eagar stake trek.......WHAT? at this point i was absolutely confused. i couldnt even put together that it was talking about THE eagar stake trek. the screen turns black and i suddenly hear,do what the fox says and i died. dad came on the screen and i just freaked. i was completely frozen. i couldnt move i couldnt talk i couldnt do anything! i just began crying out of pure joy staring confusingly at the screen. usually i am not easily surprised, but i have to honestly admiit i have NEVER....EVER been that surprised any time before in my life. i didnt understand what was happpening,why i was watching my dad fool around,doing his goofy lipsinging/dancing WHILe ALL of lavente in la republica dominicana was watching...and not a single personunderstanding anything in english. it stioll blows my mind. pres and the whole rama were busting up and they couldnt quit taking photos of me and my reaction. it was absoluetly priceless. THANK YOU>11 it was honestly an answered prayerof yours! and then your sweet video of you two and your advice and love. i jsut love you alll!! thank everyone at the office, and marks for her contribution. :) was sis. davis videoing? anyway,im sure i will never again be so shocked in my life. its too bad i dont have photos, b ut im sure sometime i can get them from him.
     2nd......I TRANSFERRRREEDDD as you can tell. i am in San Geronimo, La Yucca. its about 15 mins from La Venta, so not too far at all! i dont know if you´ll be able to find it under those names because those could just be boundaries within the church,but you can try under Los Rios or Herrera. those are pretty close places that are more popular. I am now serving with the amazing hermana stewart. get this,she is from new mexico, newmexico! specfically from silver city and knows the quinlans. how cool is that??? shes been out on her mission for 11 months and is so good with the people here and her spanish. this is her 5th transfer here and so she knows everyone and everything! its been super fun with her. i now live with 2 latinas. one is from guatemala and the other is from the domincan republic. its so different living with latinas haha but fun. and very interesting. i have been praying and hoping to improve my spanish and this is my opportunity!!!! we´ve had a crazy week. we had to give talks this sunday. i decided to write down a few points and just talk from that. it was a bold move considering that ive never done that before and that i did it in spanish! it went okay i think. i talked for 10 mins though. i guess im starting to get a little long winded haha. all you do is pick a scripture and talk and talk. then....we had maggot problems. not once, but twice this week! eww so gross. one morning hermana moronta found some crawling in the kitchen all over our walls and what not. we boiled a bunch off water and killed them. then we found tons of them in our trash can and all over. alllll over!!! hermana perez says their good cooked. i doubt that. we cleaned all of our house. dominicans clean so differently. first off, carpet doesnt exist here. so what they do is you just dump bleach and cleaner all of the floor and then you turn on the house and flood the house. it was pretty fun. in this house the electricity is worse. and somehow the water is connected to the electricity. so when there is no light, no water. so...a head lamp would be perfect if you could send one :) 
also, one day hermana stewart was introducing me to an hermana and said se queda which means this sister is going to stay. for some reason this woman thought that my name was se queda. it was pretty funny. 
     a little but about this area. we live right across from the church. this area is pretttyyy big. i am part of a ward now so thats cool. its different meeting in a more normal church buidling. we have like 2 progressing investigatores, so thats a little different. we had about 15 people that we were working with in la venta so we´re going to need lots of referencias and contactos. we tried contacting yesterday and lets just say they werent interested haha. sometimes contacting can be so awkward but that is all the reason more i love the mission. im doing well and just adjusting to new people and everything and so far im learning lots and enjoying it! hermana stewart and i made no bake cookies and boy was it good! also, she makes a mean choclate oatmeal. it sounds gross but its sooo very good. also we had cookies in yogurt. i know you thought i ate weird stuff before the mission, but i am going to come back mixing all kind of things. dominicans use anything and everything. they reuse and are so creative. it teaches me to be a bit more frugal. anyway, it great!!! i love you alll!!!

thes are all my converts the night i told them i was leaving. lurden the one in the green and blue shirt was crying so hard. she gave me this pic of wesley, the boy, a mini cup of the virgin mary, and her only 1 dollar american bill. that was sooo very sweet. cristina cried lots too and they all made a pledge to visit me in my next area. i dont know if they ever will , but i absolutely love these people with all my heart!

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