Thursday, October 10, 2013

September 30, 2013

first, let me just explain the pics. that thing is a spider, not just any spider, the one that caused me to bruise my finger! that thing was as big a my palm, furry and all. we came home to fing a frog hopping around in the house and then as the hermanas walked into their room, found this pleasant little surprise. the first thing i thought was, this thing needs to be killed. because./.....after all. i am not going to leave that thing alone in the house to wander and crawl in places that i dont want to find it later! the other 3 hermanas just couldnt seem to get the courage to do it, so finally i volunteered myself. i got one of the old elder's shoes(i dont know why they left it there but that's not the point) i walked over and before i went to whack it i thuoght good and hard on what tactic i was going to use. FORCE. lots of force, because i knew that spider wasnt going to die with just a whack. i confessed that i came from a home where we didnt kill spiders. that they were all "good" and that this was a little weird to me. they were all laughing and then; mom, just for you. i apologized out loud to my mom! haha then i whacked it. i hit the wall as hard as i could! and then i looked down at my finger. it was black and blue, not only did i take out my finger on the ledge of the molding(OUCH) BUT....i missed the spider. how on earth does this happen. we then spent the next 30 mins with a polewhacking the wall. it was a dodgin game, me and that spider. i squished off a few of its legs but boy was it quick! the sad part was, i didnt even kill it! i felt bad that i wounded it, but finally it ran out through the window. it better not come back, because i woke up and boy was my thumb sore!

it's s soo good to hear from everyone! jess, i just cant believe you are getting big! i just want to see you and him and everyone! im glad you all had a fun week canning. i talk about your cooking every day mom. hermana jorgenson wants to come over and cook with us after the mission. :) AND she volunteered herself for the fourth of july talk when we get back. just make sure to tell uncle steve! haha i think she is pretty serious. 

this week was good. so many things do happen! we found another investigator through knocking doors. her name is dridem and she has a little boy. she has so many queswtions about the gospel and has a lot of confidence in god. im sure she can feel the spirit when we are in lessons. she told us that she would for sure come to church, but when we called yesterday she was sick. bummer. we didnt have any of the people keep their commitments in coming to church, which is a bummer because church is so great! we have a sister in our ward that i abisolutely love. she kind of reminds me of aunt blanche. she is known as the best cook. she makes some mean food. mmmmmmm! BUT she wan converted about 6 months ago and she has some strong faith. whenever she teaches i can feel the baptist side of her comin out. she raises her arms and just starts shouting. this week we had it in a "room" they use big curtains for doors. and the primary was in the room next to us. the lights started going in an out and they all started screaming! endlessly. one man went to shush them but wasnt having much luck. hermana jacqlyn didnt even miss a beat. her voice just got stronger and louder and louder. 

during sacrament and relief society i am almost in a trance. i cant help but fall asleep. not comepletely, but i think that after so much spanish i cant focus and then i lose every intention in focusing, but during her class i always, ALWAYS, stay awake. there is no possible way that me, or anyone else for that matter, could fall asleep. shes hilarious with all that baptist energy but i love it. when we walk home at nights we walk through one street that has 2 or 3 churches on it. they are just in small rooms, but the doors are always open and people sit in their plastic chairs in the street and take part of the service. they have a microphone and just sing praises to the lord and sing and dance. its fun to see but a little crazy. they all do this at the same time so the streets are filled with halelujahs and music.

 as we were tracting this last week we went into an older ladies home and asked if we could sing a hyms. her eyes got big and she just said no! she was almost terrified and then asked, evangelists?? haha we had to explain who we were again and then she decided to let us sing. when we ended, she was glad we had sung. 

life is good and the people are great here. the work is never easier but so worth it when you find yourself testifying of the very thing that has brought you  the most joy, success, and love into your life. its so neat to be sharing it to a people youve never seen or met and in a language you thought youd never speak fluently in. i am grateful to be here. i hope you are doing well and that you are using the lord to help you through anything because he wants to ! and he's more capable of helping yourself than you are! i have definitely learned that here in my 2-3 weeks of being here. i just love you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
 love hermana rachie poo hamblin :) hugs and kisses

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