Thursday, October 10, 2013

September 23, 2013

the clothes are working great! we dont ever have time to shop so i dont think i'll be getting anything new. my danskos dont work because the velcro had come off of a spot and it is just a nuisance to try to

walk in them, maybe i can sew on some ther velcro? im not sure, but i have only worn them once sadly. i would LOVE for you to send me pics. there is a place here i think, but we dont have much time for it. i absolutely love my photo album we made. i look at it all the time. :)

ahh im so glad you had fun at the festival. it sounds like so much fun!

as for me-its week two! i am not quite as homesick and it is easier to transition for me. i am sweaty allllll the time! but everyone is. haha every time we go teach a lesson we greet the women with a kiss on the cheek and they tell us that we look really hot and sweaty...haha some people even offer us napkins to wipe all the sweat that continually runs haha the  other day as we were tracting this older man come over to hma gorgenson and i and felt soo bad for us and took out his hanky and just kept wiping our faces. stroke after stroke. shoot, it got a little uncomfortable! ha the people are so nice here. as we walk the street people yell god bless you or blessings with you or god be with you. i love it! 

i had my first baptism on this last saturday! her name is cristina and she is 75 years old. she is always smiling with her one tooth grin and has a cackle raspy laugh. like an old southern woman would have, she has lots of spunk and energy. i just love her! we have 2 other people challanged for a baptism on october 12 and that is fatima and her son franklin. they are progressing very well, but her mother died a few days ago so it has been really hard for her. 2 days ago we were contacting in a cajone. this is a place that is pretty poor, and we found a young lady, about 23. her name is dradem and she has a 5 yr old boy. we have only had 2 visits with her and she has lots of questions for us. its fun because she is our age. when i try to talk she cant stop herslef from smiling. her little boy ALWAYS makes fun of the way i talk. i have a funny accent he says haha. we all just sit on the bed and laugh and laugh...because after all, that is all i can do. 

today for p day we went to a new members house and had a bbq with our district leaders and it was fun. we helped make the food so it was okay! 

i took some photos, funnny enough, of how we do our laundry. s oit will answer your q's perfectly :) we have the washer and then a hose that we fill it with. we turn it on with a butter knife and we have to turn on the spout for the water with a wrench. then we hang all our clothes on lines on the porch. i kind of like it. 

we have about 70 people in our ward. and they are all so great! all the missiionaries that have served here say that this is the best area in the entire mission for help from the branch. they are so organized and have every member working as a missionry. they are all so dedicated and love helping the sisters! they take us home each night, take us home from church. wow they are great. our house is about a mile from where we tract so it can get a bit hot. the ward has found a house that is a lot nicer and that is a lot cloer so we might get to move in a few weeks. im keeping my fingers crossed! a few nights ago we came home to no light. it was off for almost 2 days! everyone else in the neighbor had light the entire time we didnt so im not quite sure what happened. its a good thing i had my jar of peanut butter with me because we didnt have a refrigerator!!!

 as for mail, the mission pres told us that packages sometimes take 8 months or so to get here...bummer! but they said they can get here in a month if you send small packages like the pb package you sent. so a chritsmas package might not make it by christmas even if you sent it now. who knows! haha BUT if you do send a christmas package i would love some roll on dry idea deoderant and a christmas cd of amy grant spiritual christmas music like emmanueal or come all ye faithful. the good stuff :) 

i love you so much mamma. i think of you each and every day and how extrememly grateful to have a mother like you. you are so loving and so supportive and have been my entire life. i have never given you the appreciation that i should have, but i hope you know how much i love you!!!!! i do i do!!! i hope that you are healthy and that you and dad are happy. :) i hope you have a wonderful week! loves and kisses!

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