Thursday, October 10, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hey mamma! 

wow it seems like i havent talked to you in a LOOOOOOONNNNGG time. my companion is hermana jorgenson. she is from vegas! she is very sweet. she is 21 and has 5 months here.yes, i use my repellent AND my tent net. we were all laughing so hard when i pulled that thing out and POP. it saggs big time over my bed and almost engulfs the rooom. but im safe right-!!!!!! my living conditions are qute different. hmm yeah. i cant flush the toilet paper ha we had a cocaroach in our shower and i was the brave one who tried to sqush it in the shower curtain. of course i onl wondeed it and now it waunders wherever it want without us knowing where to find it. blast! 

the people here are great. the sister missionaries keep commenting how this is the best area that they have ever been in/meaning that the members are so involved in helping us missionaries. our branch president has been praying for sister missionaries and is so pleased that we are here. but this is the first time that sisters have ever been in this area and so we dont have a lot of investigators and we are trying to establish boundaries. we live in a house with another set of sisters too. there are so may misionaries in rv!!! sisters!!!! take care of those sisters! (and elders) 

i have felt so much more peace here mainily because of the members here opening up to us and being so kind. it makes me less homesick. i have been reallllly homesick lately and it has been the hardest thing in the world to be here. i knew it was going to be hard, but i have come to realize i just didnt understand what hard meant. it's getting better though. i am learning to put myself in the saviors hands and have more faith. say hello to everyone! also, could you forward this email to maybe lieke and janice. i cannot email anyone other than my family.  its a bummer but i want to be as obedient as i can.

apparently i am the new adele here. so many people; escpecially one of my investigators(mario) and the tennage girls here basically refer to me by that name. it's so funny because no one in the states has ever told me that! 

about some of my investigators; we have mario. he is amazing. he has been taking the lessons for 2 years and is completely active and comes to missionary meetings and everything else. his faith is outstanding. he cant get baptized because his esposa are not married. she doesnt want to get married and doesnt take the lessons. it must be oh so hard for him but he doesnt show it.

im sure i can print things off i just have to find a place and then find the time haha. i am in la venta caobas..i think that is how u spell it. its outside of the city but is still part of santo domingo. my companion and i try to always speak spanish in the streets, but once we go inside of a home, i cannot understand anything! i keep telling myself that it hasnt even been a week, but i just yearn to say something and to help teach! this is humbling having to lean on my companion and the Lord of course. i love you all so very much and i hope you are all well. i think of you and the family very often and i just love you all so very much. mom, thank you for spending so my time helping me prepare for my mission. it really means a lot. i know jesucristo and dios live and that they are there for me and for you and for dad! in anything that you need. whatever joy or harship you face, face it through faith! have a blessed and wonderful week!! i love you bunches!!!!
/hermana hamblin

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