Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 6, 2013

 I am so sad to hear about Sister Wilkins and Jared. I hope Kerri is sure okay. I wish I had her email to send her something. Do you think that you could ask for it sometime? 

We had another great devotional this week and we actually had someone come! It was Elder Andersen and his wife (the people President Nicoll knows). It was cool to see them. I also saw brother and sister Gray (the couple from St. Johns that Travis talked about. They had been looking for me and finally found me! So tell Travis I saw them! 

This has been a good week and I can't believe it is my last one here! I leave on Tuesday morning for the field with about 50 other missionaries. I don't know where I am going though. So last Friday i got to go on my first cambio (exchange) for about 7 hours. It was so cool! I got to be with 2 sisters. They were from Utah and one of them knows an elder in Hong Kong! And I think it is an elder that Blake had a class with. He's really tall and has red hair and his name is Spencer? So we got to make a connection in Hong Kong haha 

Anyway, as we walked the streets it amazed me to see how different it is here. They are very very poor here. so many buzz around on their little mopeds. Little old men drive their banana stand bicycles. It's exactly how it sounds. They connect a huge basket that has bananas hanging from it as they drive around selling them. They also do that with ice cream! It was so incredibly humid and I was sweating up a storm. We got to do 4 lecciones, lessons, with people. I bore testimony and prayed, but not much else! I'm still progressing with the language...but I have quite a ways to go. The Lord is definitely helping me learn it though! 

Funny story-we had been wakling around for a little while and finally made it to our first house. It's hard to describe the place, but there were so many houses crowded in such a small area. The homes were about 2 feet apart on every side. No sidewalks so streets. nada. Ee got to the house and the front was just metal bars. Anyway we sat down and started with an opening hymn. We were talking about the book of mormon and she was asking questions. We were having a good time. She was holding here baby-probably almost 2- all of a sudden I look down and her shirt is half off and she's feeding the babe. I saw everything. I mean, I am a woman but I just couldn't focus because it was just so random! ummmm I'm just wondering why no one didn't tell me this was normal. haha Anyway the Hermanas took us to get some frozen yogurt which was really sweet of them. As we walked around it started getting darker and you could hear all of the little resturants and stores cranking up the latino/american music. I loved it! 

I only got bitten by mosquitos 4/5 times so that's not too bad. The Hermanas said that with every transfer you will get bitten a lot because it is a new area and you are fresh meat. Oh joy! Maybe I should purchase one of those electric fly swatters. It electrocutes any bug you touch. Lieke had a really nice one. That sounds nice right?? haha I think I'll just have to painfully learn how to have fast reflexes. Well I should go, but I love you and the fam! By the way, when we leave on Tuesday I might not get to email you for over a week and my p days will be on Mondays from now on I believe. They might let me email you once I get to the mission home on Tuesday night, but just in case they don't I wanted to warn yoU! 

-hermana hamblin

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