Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 6, 2013


wow its great to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the weeks are really just flying by! i just received 2 of dads letters last week and i was so stinkin happy! i sent some letters home so hopefully they get there soon.  can you give me jess and blakes mail address_ i have letters for their bdays.  also can you get me granny carols mailing and emai laddress_ i havent heard anything from her and i wouñd love to talk!

the language is coming. i still dont do a lot of the talking but i definitely teach and testify in each lesson. and understanding their spanish is coming. i just have to keep reminding myslef that i wont be fluent in speaking or understanding in 4 weeks, let alone 4 months! haha

we got to listen to general conference live! i was soooooo unbelievably excited. we watched it in the capilla )chapel= it was in spanish, so i understood some of it haha but i could feel the power of the spirit and the love of god so it was good. it flew by! cristina, our convert brought about 10 people with her to conference. while we were at her house teaching she was on the phone and everyone that she talked to she would mention conference and invite them. she told them she wanted to invite them because this gospel is what has brought her some of the most joy she has had. what an example! BY THE WAY, dont forget about your reference by chrstmas! each! references are soooooo key in missionary work. dad also wanted advice on how you and mom could help, mom, if you could at least go to like 2 lessons a week with the missionaries that would be amazing. whem we have the members go with us there is such a strong spirit and it can help our investigators relate to something familiar if that makes any sense. 

thanks for sending the packages!!! mom, youre so stinking awesome! i cant believe you bought me danskos! what kind are they  we walk lots and up hills and sometimes theres no sidewalk and so if they have the high plastic heel like the ones i have im not sure how well they will work. flats are really the best that i have experienced anyway. BUT if you want to send them feel free! they might work very well! i just dont want you to spend the money sending them and then me not be able to wear them. i am very grateful that you are so kind and always being aware of my needs mamma.  i wear my jambu shoes EVERY day haha. theyre pretty amazing! and for my shoes, its just that the velcrow, the soft part came off of a side and so the other side doesnt stick to it. i think i would just have to somehow find some more velcrow or maybe you could send me some. im not sure because i dont know if i could get a needle past that thick leather! those things are made well!

im not sure if they celebrate halloween here. i dont think that they do. you sent me a halloween package_!!! oh how i love you! and from what i understand, something with adele__ haha my companion will laugh so hard. mom,. can i just say i love you! i have been thinking a lot about you and how much love you have. you are amazingly so selfless. i have been greatly blessed for you!

for my favorite food, im not sure. we dont ever eat at members homes. sometimes we eat little things here and there but its usually something they buy. it makes me sad because i love venturing out! they eat lots of avacado and rice and been which is my favorite! the avacados here are as big as two of my hands, easy! mmmmmmmm i cant wait for you and dad to come so i can show you around!the lady that is like aunt blanche is named jacqeline. shes just great. shes not in my area so i just see here at church normally. the work is progressing here. we are doing a 12 week program and so we are visiting a lot of inactives. we have about 5 investigators but not all are progressing. when we go contacting and knock doors i still get nervous and dont have a lot of confidence but i can work on that! 

i lvoe you mom and hope you have a greeattttttt weeeeekkkkk!!!!
make sure to tell bishop and sister nicoll that i love them and that they are in my prayers! man oh man. that sounds painful. also, laura asked me to give here some insight but i cant email here. could you give this to her.

hi laura! i hope all is well! one of my mision rules is that i can only email family so this is why i am writing you through my mom. its hard not to email the people you love, but i am trying to be obedient.MISSIONARY work is something that members of the church can and need to do! as i have learned on my mission, every member is a missionary and your influence in inviting and sharing the gospel with friends, neighbors, and families are all so critical in helping the work of the lord move forward. the lord has prepared in this time in all places in the world to receive the gospel. we are the lords tools!  dont fear rejection, because sharing the gospel is one of the most precious things we have. even if you befriend a new person and are a good christian example to them and take time out of your day to show your interest and love for them, this is missioary work and will help prepare them to receive the gospel. sorry it is a little random. i just dont have much time! i love you laura and thank you so much for your emails and thoughts and prayers! 

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