Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013

hi mamma!!! 

first off, what in the world is shut'down mode__ what is is being shutdown! i really have NO IDEA what is going on in the US. i have not heard anything here. i sure hope everything with you guys, and the business is well. is iT. sorry, i cant do question marks on this.

the other day hermana peck, one of the hermana that lives with us, made pizza. she forgot to hald the amount of flour. pizza cake for lunch!! mmm haha we were laughing so hard. it was definitely growing outisde of the pan by the time we took it out. 

thank you for sending me lieke and janices emails! i love reading them. and i actually can email them. i just asked president rodgriguez during my interview that i had with him this week. so i was sure excited. i still barely have time to read and reply to you all! 

this week was good. today it rained and rained! they dont really have draining systems here and so its like rivers runnning down the streets. its kind of fun, but knowing that the water is...well disgusting makes me think other wise haha. this week hma jorgenson and i had 7 investigators come to church! 7!!!!! we just challanged jenny, our investigatora to be baptized the 26th of octuber. she has been taking the lessons for 2 years, so we are going to be working hard with her. we also got a family reference. they seem really interested and we{ve only met with them once. during that one visit they had 2 kids'one was screaming and crying the whole time and the other had a piece of fruit that he kept throwing. he threw it across the table and smacked me. oh you know, just while im bearing testimony!haha! honestly, lessons can be pretty crazy here. 

during another lesson we were in a cajone. this is where there are LOTS of people that live on a one way streets. homes are built on top of each other and there is always music playing and kids playing baseball in the street. we were teaching belkis. yes, belkis. it reminds me of the movie it takes two with mary'kate and ashley olsen. anyway, we{re teaching out on her porch. and her porch is enclosed by bars. every 10 mins someone would come by and sell something to her and theyd exchange the money and purchase. then there was a backstreet boys song BLARING right across the sreet. it was sooooo weird because it was in spanish and it really sounded like them. honestly i have no idea how in the world they get their speakers to play so loud, but it basically rocks the homes back and forth.
so a little more about christina, she grew up in the south and she has a crazy accent. she cuts off letters when they should be there and puts in random s{s in words that dont have s{s. i NEVER understand her! but she has 10 kids 32 grandkids. she gave us 2 of her daughters as references and so we are working with them. her son listens in on our discussions sometimes but then he goes off about other churches and singing praises. sounds confusing right_ because it is! ha every time i go into that house its a guess on what will be said. cristina has already told hma j and i that after our mission we have a home and bed. she refers to us as her girls and her loves. mi amor! she says. she is precious.

it sounds like you and dad are plenty busy! yes, you are doing missionary work! how are the missionaries there doing_ finding success_ what are they like_ each time there is a line, that is actually a question mark haha 

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