Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

hi mamma!!!

for transfers i get to stay here as so the rest of the hermana serving here :) i am

glad because there are some really great people here and the ward is amazing.

we had stake conference this week too. it was really cool to see that i was

able to understand a whole lot more of it than when i first came in. :) this was a

good week. our grocery store here alrady has christmas trees and decorations

up and they are playing christmas music! people already have their christmas

trees decorated and stocking hung. not everyone, but more and more each

day. christmas is like a 3 month long celebration!!! haha thank you for sending

me the hymn book! tell her thank you and that i love her sooooo much! she is

such a good lady. oh! and do you think that sometime you could send some

handkercheifs? i have one that an elder gave to me and i use it every day, but

it gets so dirty so quickly. i was thinking you could just cut some squares out

of  some of your patterened fabric and wouldnt even have to sew it. i could do

that. and theyre light in weight. only if you have time :)

my interview went well. we didnt go much into depth because it was in spanish

haha but yes, he is from the DR and veryyy loving. he and his wife. very

caring people. we only had 3 people in church today. we've been getting more

references from christina, boy is she great! we went to hacia's house for our

first visit yesterday. she lives in a smmmallll house. it's just about as big as the

reading room. concrete floors. she has one mattress, a small dresser and a

sink, and small oven. her door is just a piece of wood that is crammed between

to buildings. she basically lives in a crack/ opening between to buildings. thats

basically what a cajone is.

how are dustin and haley liking byui???? have you heard?? i love you sooo much

mamma! are you on because i have about 30 mins to chat?

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