Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

hi mamma!

so, i got your package this last friday! i LOVVED it! super loved it! the skirt is sooooo cute!  i wore it to church on sunday! and the pb, just perfect, and i hung up the sticky jack/o/lantern and put the spiders up! i tried to scare one of the hermana with the spider, it almost worked! :) so when you emailed me about sending a package for halloween and you mentioned people knowing where adel lives, i thought you were sending a halloween poster of her. we were laughing just trying to comprehend what a halloween poster of adell would even look like! maybe her dressed up as a pumpkin...haha so when i got your picture and no poster of adell in a pumpkin i was a little confused! the package size was good! the other hermana got packaes in boxes one was bigger than the one you sent and took the same amount of time and some were a little heavier and were sent about the same time as yours as well. that's just so you know a little more about sending stuff. :) but, who knows, if you sent something bigger it could change that week when they mail stuff and it could take months. who knows here!
i got more letters from you too! thank you mamma! and dad too haha by the way, we should be getting conference issues here in english so you dont need to worry about the magazine if you havent already sent it. im so happy to hear granny is doing so much better. prayers work! and im glad your back is doing better! i hope you get more and more and more better too!

this week we FINALLY moved into our new house. it cuts off about 25 mins of walking time one way. it took us 25 mins to walk to the areas we spend our time in so that was a big blessing. we live a lot closer to the members and the church so its great. the house is bigger and it has 2 bathroom! the plumbing is a bumme. our toilet leaks and the water pressure is basically non existant in our bathroom so this week i got to experience a cup took me 25 mins! bwahahah and it was colddddd. but we always have cold showers so it wasnt too bad. kind of funny though. oh! and we have a little mouse in our kitchen. its a baby one, and it runns on our counters. nasty little thing. we got mouse killer stuff, sooo HOPEFULLY it;ll die. i feel bad to do it, but oh well i guess haha. 

the spider was the size of my palm. grooosssssssssss! but i havent seen too many spiders in this house so hopefully we wont get o experience that in my new house. i m not sure if i will be here with hermana j for christmas because this next transfer ends at the beginning of december. who knows! my homesickness is going away and i am focusing a lot better on the work here so that is good. yestserday we had a lesson and every time i talked, or jsut a few times really, she just kept saying i dont understand you. i dont understand you. it was a little frustrating and humbling. i just need to continue practicing and doing in order for me to progress. this last week i tried yucca. it looks kind of like a huge babmboo stick and then you cook it like a potato. it is just a little bit chewier than a potato, but i love it! i also bought 6 mangoes this week. i am obsessed!!! sometimes one mango is seriously 3lbs! they are huge! so during the day when i see good mangoes i buy two and then i have 6 lbs of mango i carry around. oh the life of a missionary! the members here help with the work and it is going well. our missionary leader for the rama is planning on going out with hma j and i for 4 whole days. itll be nice because we will have lots of lessions with a member present. they just want to see how our investigators are progressing and how well we are working with them. i love you soo much mamma! i hope that ou are doing well and that you arent tooo busy with your callings and dads and with work and all that! but i love you mucho and have a spectacular week!
love your rachie poo!

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