Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014


MY first week in bani was good, so different but good! I feel like i am in civilized life again. we went to la sirena the supermarket and i just couldnt stop going up and down the isles looking at chicken and fruits and veggies and clothes so nicely put together. my comp was laughing at me. also, so many know how to read and have complete families that are lds, what blessings! i have eaten so well this past week!
we are teaching the familia biez, a mom and 3 kids. they are all so adorable. they all sit around the family room and listen! its so great! we dont really have anyone else that were investigators before so we are finding finding finding. we are contacting lots and so thats always fun! 
i have asked to give a talk in my new branch next sunday so that should be fun! i also had an amazing leadership meeting with president nuckols and his wife and elder cornish of the 70. he is one intelligent man! he know the gospel so well and is so inspiring. he talked about how infinite the atonement is.  infinite in time, in amount of people, in cantidad de pecados and in the degree of sins. it is infinite in redemption and santification and purification and in mercy. how grateful i am for the savior. like blake said, it is not sufficient to read and know about the savior. you apply it and you live it so you can experience the blessings.
i love you all and hope you have a GREAT week!!
hermana hamblin

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