Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

hi fam! 
it sounds like you are all having a blast with lil huds! i have dreams about meeting, so i cant wait to meet him in REAL LIFE! 
this week was realyl good. we have 4 people that we are preparing for baptsim
ireni' the mother of karla
miguel.     miguel is francis´s best friend. he is 21 and just learning so much. they both are so faithful and are at church every sunday and reading everyday.! i swear they have reading parties.
francis. francis has read about 250 page of the book of mormon in about a week and a half. and he can barely read! he absoluety is addicted to it. its so funny becasue he is a 20 yeard old. hes this big muscualr guy, but is absolutely converting through the power of the book of mormon. he just asks every time that we are there, can i get baptized this saturday, please!!  theres a church attendence requirement so the have to wait until the 27th of sept. he was so sad! but we will teach them about the preiasthood next, whcich i am so excited. i found a talk in the ensign that will be perfect! last week we mentioned that theyd be able to receive the priesthood, and miguel stops, and then asks, isnt that the powe of GOD!! their eyes got so bog and they were just beaming with smiles. ahhh they are so great!
well, we had a little rainstorm. we kept seeing purple slash orange blasts of light and we thought they were lighting something on fire..nope, jsut the lightning! it was crackling in the sky and just beaming dark purple and orange! it was the cloolest thing!
well ihave to go, i love you all so much! have a great week!

hermana hamblin

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