Sunday, September 21, 2014

August 25, 2014

hi fam!
tis week was great! we are preparing ireni and her daugheter kaila for baptism the 13th of sept. they are doing so well and faithfully attend church and are always there when we have citas! they said that they hadnt been praying about the church of joespeh smith or the book or mormon, whic is supppperrr impartant so they are wroking on that so they can have a testimony of these things. 
also, miguel that has 21 years and his best friend franics that has 20 years old are going to be beaptized the 27th of sept. they are on fire. they are just so dang cute! they showed up at our church one sundau about 7 weeks ago without an invitaiton, just a feeling to go there. apparently francis had been like joseph smith, visitna nd testing out all of the religions, then found us! they are ready to be baptized and i am so grateful to be teaching them. 
also, a few weeks ago i got a cold and a cough, then i had lots of trouble bereathing so i ahad to go to a clinic and get some steriods injected in me. my comp i guess blacks out sometimes when she sees her own blood and never has problems when it happens to someone el,se, but for some reason, today when she saw them inject me and me blood, she got super sick. i was sitting in a chair with a gas mask on and she looks at me and says i fell sick! she faints and blacks out! all the domincain me in the room came running to her and swooped her up onto a chair, i didnt know what was happening to her and i couldnt leave becaues i was stuck to a mask. it was so crazy and so funny. as soon as she started going down the doctor yelled, grab her! the zone leaders looked at each other and awkwardly tried grabbing her lags and arms and didnt want to touch another missionary. finally some man came running out of the distance and swooped her lifeless body up and ran to a bed....hahhaa oh man, it was a good day today

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