Thursday, June 5, 2014

May 26, 2014

hi fam!
this week was a good one! we got a new domincan that is living with us this transfer. her name is sister guzman. she will be serving a mini mission for 4 weeks. she is from the d.r. out in the boonies. she is sucha  sweet girl. we have had ltos of fun cokking together this week. hna safeer and i are trying to learn how to cook rice the dominican way. they jsut have a skill at cooking rice to a perfection! they have lots of technique including puting a plastic bag over it and melting it to the pot. very interesting..but in the end, it always tastes delish!
we were also all having a splits contest. the dominicans werent so flezxible...but they can sure cook! 
this week was mothers day here in the d.r. they had a big celecration at the church. there was lots of dancing and eating and music. apparently they had a dancing competition and our bishop and his wife won. i heard it turned out real well. we had an investigator attend and so we were very excited. its very hard to get our investigators attend the church for any reason, so when someone comes its a success! our investigator that attended is names grisleda. she is the wife of a family that we just started teaching. they are a more wealthy family but seem to have interest, especially the father. its rare to find wealthier people that are really interested. anyway, we have taught this family a few times and there have been a few times where the father has kissed us on the cheek to greet us. (that's how they greet each other) i don't think i ever told you that. but as missionaries here, you make sure to avoid awkward situations like that. Marcus, the husband of  Griselda, has done that twice. let me tell you, its the most awkward thing as missionaries. we go in for the handshake but it doesn't end like that!!! ha...we need to break it to him next.
sorry, a little bit of topic that was, but anyway, we are excited to see the progress with this family. 
also, this week we did a fast for our companionship and for our investigators. we haven't seen much progress at all with any of our investigators. we have put baptism dates with families and individuals but have not seen the progress or desire from our investigators. really, its been super tough, but we have decided that we will fast every Wednesday for our investigators because we really need the lord to help us this transfer. 
well we are already on week numero 2! i love you all and hope that you have a great week!
mucho amor, hermana Hamblin

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