Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hi fam!!

We got transfer calls last  night, and Im staying! And I am staying with Hermana Safeer. i am really glad and excited to have 4 more weeks here. It will be a shorter transfer but lots of work is needed her in good ole san geronimo! We found a few families this week. It was a miracle. One young man had been asking his mom ( a member) for a long time when he could take the lessons. the other day she saw us and gave us the reference of her son. We showed up to his door and he got super excited. HE told us, that he had been waiting a really long time for this. it was a little shocking but in such a great way!
Also, my birthday was AMAZING!!
MOM.....THANK YOU. the clothes were the best gift that you could have given to me. really. i was just thinking the other day about how i was in need of new clothes. a lot of mine have bleach spots becasue we bleach everything (water, fruits, veggies) so it tends to get on all clothes. As i continued to pull out skirts and dresses and shirts i just couldnt help but say woooowww. woooow woooow wow wwow it was perfect! 
to celebrate my birthday me and hna safeer bought brautworst and a cheesecake danish dessert. we waited almost to weeks to eat it. the brauts were delish! the cheesecake...it was american, but as the domincan hermanas started to eat it their eyes got really big and they kept asking if there was mayonaise in it...lets just say it wasnt the freshest cheesecake
also, titi, reina,. and pablo all had planned a surprise birthday party. it was the cutest thing. we showed up that night and they were all waiting for us. they had balloon decorations,food, presents,games planned, and even a cake that said felizcumpleanos rachel!! ( yes, rachel) it was a little weird and awkward as they sang to me and used rachel instead of sister hamblin...haha but reina had printeed out a photo card of me and her and hna safeer and also gave me a nice necklace. there are two parts of the neckalace (one for me and one for my future boyfriend) how thoughtful.
we had a great night with all of them celebrating and everything. they are all so sweet!
we also had our stake split. elder anderson the quorum of the seventy came to talk. it was good. lots of people were there and there was so much excitement. there was also a random american family there with their 6 little kids. all the people kind of jsut watched them with a fascination of this white fam. i have to admit that i was one of those people!! it was so different to see and observe this strange white american family. haha i cant imagine how it will be when i get back! 
also, we are teaching a 12 year old boy named wilkur . he is the cutest little guy. a few weeks ago he found us in the street and jsut said, i want to be baptized. ive talked to my parents and theyve given me permission. now i jsut need the lessons from you hermanas. he suer is a smart little guy. hes already read til alma 2 . hes going to progress super fast.
anway, i want to give you all my love and hope you have a wonderful wonderful week! 
lots of love, hermana hamblin

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