Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 29, 2013

 I have bunches to tell you! I sure hope I have enough time to email. I am not acutally going to Florida. They sent us that flight so the DR knows we will be leaving. I get out into the field on Sept. 10th. How exciting! I can't wait! I got the package so thank you VERY MUCH. I just love everything in there!! I received the letter from you but none from Dad. 

To answer some of your q's- we have church here, so I never talk to any locals other than my teachers. And I did give my talk in sacrament the first week in Spanish. Gringo Spanish may I add! Last week was the first time that we went "tracting" we went to the university. I was so scared. They let us go for about 2 hours with just our companions. Hermana Scholes and I walked up to our first people. It was a group of young college students. The moment we headed their way I could tell that they were not happy to see us, my companion insisted so we continued. As we walked up I asked them how they were doing. One of the girls muttered something with an annoyed tone and walked off. At that point I panicked inside. I could feel that all confidence was lost and my face was definintely showing it. I stumbled with my words as I continued to pathetically testify of Christ. I'm not going to lie, becasue that's exactly what happened. The young woman I was talking to had head phones in and would look at me for a few seconds and then look back at her friends, like who are these people and why on earth are they talking. It was a pretty sad experience and honestly I didn't enjoy it too much. We got to talk to some pleasant people, but that experience scared me. As we walked back, all the other missionaries talked about how they had such a neat experience and how they could have done that all day long. 

As I was studying the scriptures the other day I came across a scripture that was an answer to this problem that I was worrying about. I can't remember the reference but it said that if you have faith in Christ he will build your confidence and you will be able to testify boldy. It comforted me a lot. I should never be lacking confidence when I am bearing testimony becasue it is truth! We get to go tracting tomorrow so I am excited about that! 

As for my schedule, We start at 6:30 and then we do personal study for about 2 hrs and then language study and more study and more! It's a lot of studying, but it's definitely needed! Every Sunday they feed us ice cream at night and then we get to walk around the temple and take pics. It's very nice to finish off the week that way! 

By the way what are the names of the temple president that Travis knows and the area seventy- I haven't met any of them and I haven't seen any Flakes. This week has flown by and I can't believe I have less than 2 weeks left. I am ready to be out in the field though! I just can hardly wait. The electricity goes out here a lot. It'll only go out for like 5 secs or less, but it's just a norm. I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful week! Love you all bunches!!

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