Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 22, 2013 

 Mom, I stinkin LOVE YOU!! It's so great to hear from you every week! I am glad that your back is doing better and that you are walking. over a mile a day?!!! sheeesh that's great! 

This week has been good. I sent some pics so I hope that you get some. I sent one with me and a palm tree. 

I hope that sent! I can see an improvement with the language. We do about 2 practice investigators each day. Sometimes our lessons go for about 35 mins and we speak Spanish the whole time. It's great! I know I make lots of mistakes, but they always understand what we are saying. It's a really cool feeling. At lunch I try to talk to the latinos..we have one elder we talk to all the time and whenever he responds, we can't respond back. We have no idea what he is saying. 

 I have not yet received the PB package,....but as I read it, a huge smile took over my face. HA! I told Hermana Scholes and she just laughed. oh man! Last week somehow the elders got my fork story out of me......I should have NEVER EVER told them. They all poke jokes about it EVERY day at least a few times. They all think that it is hilarious. My district wants to take a photo with us and our forks. That will probably come next week! So I hope you enjoy it :)

 I heard that we are leaving the MTC on sept. 10th. that is a rumor, but I'm pretty sure that is correct. Well I should probably go because I have only 45 mins to email and I have to read everyone else's but I will reply more if I have time. I love you and thank you for all of the support! I really appreciate and need it :)
 -Hermana Hamblin

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