Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free money?!

It's kind of funny how much you change going from a kid in high school to college student. I had a $10 gift card at K Mart and so I decided to go spend it! I walked into the store and saw things I hadn't seen for awhile...LOTS of food; stacked to the top of the store! Lots of chocolates and candies. I guess I don't go shopping all that much. I found myself asking myself if I needed to buy appliances for the kitchen, or if I needed a toothbrush, or shampoo. Then I found myself in the socks section! You realize that $10 can really go far. I decided to branch out and finally ended up buying a new kind of wheat thin crackers. They looked pretty nifty and the bag looked creative, a can of honey roasted peanuts- I love these and used to eat these all the time. I haven't had them for awhile!-, and a box of Oatmeal Squares. Delicious! And it only took me an hour! Wow. You've got to love the college life.

1 comment:

  1. i love you. oh- the thrill of buying a brand new box of a new kind of wheat thins. - the life to live.