Monday, March 3, 2014

february 10, 2014

this is what is called fongu. it is mashed platinos, which is a kind of green banana that is not as sweet as regular ones. this week hermana stewart and i decided to make this dish with the bananas we received from the member last week. the only problem was that we only had 1 platino and the rest were regular bananas. so decided to use the regular sweet bananas anyway! they were still mostly green, but it is a different taste and texture than the platinos. so what you do is boil the bananas and then mash them. it looked so gross and they were boiled and slimy. we were really skeptical but we wanted to use what we had! we mashed them and it didnt turn out horribly. we didnt want the latinos, especially the dominican to see it so we made them rice and then we ate all the mongu while they slept. not too bad for the first time!! then we made taco meat and put it on top. maybe you can try that at home!

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